Fast and Reliable Network Appliances for IT/OT Cybersecurity

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During the era of digital transformation, connecting everything do benefit vertical markets to develop innovative applications with better productivity and efficiency. However, each touchpoint of the connection could be the target of the cyber-attack and make OT security defense face more threats and become more complex like IT cybersecurity.

In the tech blog, we will be talking about the security infrastructure in IT/OT that could help secure all the digital data against cyber-attack.

Security Infrastructure in IT/OT

Thorough cybersecurity infrastructure covers IT and OT. Both IT/OT security require fast and reliable network appliances for real-time monitoring, filtering, and defense. For IT infrastructure, network appliances with extraordinary performance and scalability are required to manage tremendous amount of data efficiently and flexibly. With high-speed data package transmission, better react to the threat detected can be achieve and further speed up the process of data encryption and decryption.

As for OT cybersecurity, rugged design make the system reliable even if it is deployed at the edge including factory or outdoor environment. In addition, I/O ports with multiple connectivity are needed to connect everything for IoT. Moreover, the support of 5G communication can further benefit the security and enable various kinds of innovative application without compromising safety.

AEWIN Featured Network Appliances for IT/OT Cybersecurity

AEWIN provides wide range of network appliances with features that are suitable for both IT and OT cybersecurity.

AEWIN 2U high-performance network appliances powered by up to dual Intel latest Xeon SP (Sapphire Rapids) or dual AMD latest EPYC CPUs (Genoa). With the support of PCIe 5.0, higher bandwidth can be accomplished and further improve the efficiency of encryption/decryption & DPDK performance which is crucial in cybersecurity. With excellent computing power and enhanced virtualization, it supports scalable security software for real-time protection.

In addition to 2U2P network appliances, AEWIN offers 2U1P and various kinds of 1U network appliance supporting Intel and AMD processors with multiple connectivity and configurations. Flexible AEWIN-design network expansion modules are supported by different levels of network appliances from Intel Xeon SP/Xeon D to Core i/Atom and from AMD EPYC to Ryzen. Various of options make the most suitable IT infrastructure can be easily built with AEWIN network appliances.

As for OT cybersecurity, AEWIN network appliances feature rich I/O, short depth, and compact size which make them suitable for edge deployment and diverse applications. Furthermore, AEWIN offers fanless network appliances which can be operated under from -20 to 70 degree C for industrial application. It can be set into factory or elsewhere that needs to implement security protection such as segregation, monitoring, filtering, management/control, etc.

IT/OT cybersecurity becomes more and more important for the era of digital transformation. And the security infrastructure requires fast and reliable network appliances to fit into edge deployment and scalable system. AEWIN provides featured network appliances from high performance ones to ultra-compact fanless platform for diverse application in IT/OT cybersecurity.

To know more about AEWIN extraordinary products and customizations regarding cybersecurity, please don’t hesitate to contact AEWIN friendly sales!

SCB-6913: Intel Atom x6000e (Elkhart Lake) Platform with 6x 1GbE and 3x M.2 for LTE/5G and Wi-Fi.
– SCB-1739: Intel Atom P5300/C5000 (Snow Ridge/Parker Ridge) Platform with 2x PCIe NICs, 6x 1GbE RJ45, 10x 10GbE SFP+, and QAT.
– SCB-7910: Intel Atom C3000R (Denverton Refresh) Platform with 1x PCIe NIC, 6x 1GbE RJ45, 2x 10GbE SFP+, and QAT.
– SCB-1836: 12th/13th Gen Intel Core (Alder Lake) Platform with 4x PCIe NIC, IPMI, and TSB module.
– SCB-1833: AMD Ryzen 5000/3000 Platform with 4x PCIe NIC and IPMI/TSB module.
– SCB-1942: Dual 4th Gen Intel Xeon SP (Sapphire Rapids-SP) Platform with short depth design, 4x PCIe Gen5 slots plus dual FHFL GPU slots or 4x PCIe Gen4 NIC, and IPMI.
– SCB-1946: Dual AMD EPYC-9004 Platform with short depth design, 4x PCIe Gen5 slots plus dual FHFL GPU slots or 4x PCIe Gen4 NIC, and IPMI.