AMD Product Summary

Taking the advantages of 4th Gen AMD EPYC™ processors having the highest computing power in the world, AEWIN offers new platforms powered by AMD EPYC 9004 series includes High Throughput Network Appliance, Edge Computing Server, and Concise Storage Server. AEWIN also offer platforms with AMD Zen3/Zen2, and AMD Ryzen 5000/3000 platforms for Mainstream Network Appliance.

With the advanced 5nm production technology of SP5 Genoa CPU and AEWIN experienced design, AEWIN platforms feature high performance, great scalability, and excellent reliability. To serve different markets, AEWIN provides various kinds of network appliances and servers for networking, MEC, OpenRAN, vRAN, cybersecurity, Edge AI, storage, and more.


High Throughput Network Appliance
AEWIN High Throughput Network Appliance not only has outstanding performance, but also provides out of ordinary scalability of supporting various AEWIN NIC cards for extremely high throughput.

Edge Computing Server
AEWIN Edge Computing Server is designed with short depth and front access which make it suitable for the edge. Along with the support of two dual-width GPU cards and NVMe SSDs, it is perfect for Edge AI applications like Smart Medical, Smart Manufacturing, Smart City, and more.

Storage Server
AEWIN Concise Storage Server features computing, storage, and networking. The all-in-one system design helps to lower the complexity and failure domain of data center, as well as reduce TCO for users.

Mainstream Network Appliance
AEWIN Mainstream Network Appliance leverages the high-performance core, large memory of AMD Ryzen Embedded 5000/3000 Series to make it a cost-effective network appliance for diverse networking applications.