As an experienced network appliances provider, AEWIN is invited to a seminar held by iDB with the purpose of engaging Taiwan companies with US system integrators/ ISVs/ operators for partnerships and opportunities under fast evolved network ecosystem. During the two 2-hour seminars on 3/28 and 3/29 (7:30-9:30PM EST), there…
網通設備SCB-7910搭載Intel Denverton處理器
AEWIN is proud to announce the edge network appliance powered by Intel® Atom C3000/3000R processor Processors, the SCB-7910. Benefited from increased Cores up to 16, faster DDR4 memory, and enhanced/faster/flexible I/O of Denverton compared to previous generation, the SCB-7910 is with good performance, rich I/O, yet low power consumption,…
網通設備SCB-1826搭載Intel Xeon W and 10th/11th Core處理器
Benefited by Intel® Xeon W and 10th/11th generation Core™ processor with up to the 10-core/20-thread, the SCB-1826 possesses boost of performance compared to previous-generation platforms. With LGA1200, it is compatible with Comet Lake-S and Rocket Lake-S while the latter features PCIe Gen4. In addition to…
其陽科技發布邊緣運算伺服器SCB-1931,SCB-1933搭載Intel 3rd-gen Ice Lake-SP
AEWIN is proud to announce the latest Edge Computing Server powered by Intel® 3rd generation Xeon Scalable Processors (Ice Lake-SP), the new SCB-1931 and SCB-1933. These two Network Appliance are designed to leverage the advanced features and capabilities of Intel’s latest Xeon CPUs, Ice Lake-SP. In addition to…
edge computing server scb-1932c
其陽科技發布搭載Intel 3rd-gen Ice Lake-SP邊緣運算伺服器SCB-1932C
AEWIN is proud to announce the latest Edge Computing Server powered by dual Intel® 3rd generation Xeon Scalable Processors (Ice Lake-SP), SCB-1932C. It is designed for edge AI, 5G vRAN, MEC, and AIoT with the features of 4x expansion slots for add-on cards (full range of AEWIN Network Expansion…
新的一年意味著新的決心和新的開始! 在新的一年開始之際,AEWIN 很高興地宣布我們將搬到一個新的辦公室以擴大我們的業務。 新辦公室將使 AEWIN 能夠以更高的效率營運,以滿足客戶和業務合作夥伴日益增長的需求。期待在新的一年與您合作。. 新北市汐止區新台五路一段97號11樓 (遠雄U-TOWN B棟)…
SCB-1736 網路通訊設備搭載Xeon W and 10/11th Gen Core i
AEWIN is launching the SCB-1736, a mainstream network appliance powered by Xeon W and 10/11th Gen Core i processors. Equipped with 10x on-board 1Gbps LAN ports, it is ideal for a wide variety of network applications. The 2x additional expansion bays accepts network expansion modules…