其陽科技 QAT 模組
Securing our communication over the internet is vital and essential to keep prying eyes or malicious actors away from valuable data transmitted through the vast space of the web. In addition to best security practices, encryption adds another level of barrier against the unknowns and keeping your data private.
AEWIN published our latest updated portfolio for Nework Appliance | Server | Edge AI…
intel Xeon network appliance
AEWIN 第三代 Intel Xeon 系列產品 | 網通設備 | 邊緣運算伺服器 | 通用伺服器
Intel® 3rd generation Xeon Scalable Processors, based on the advanced Ice Lake-SP architecture, has been refined over the previous generation with architectural updates that bring a giant leap in performance. Performance improvements are helped by the increased core count to 40cores per socket, up to 8x channel 3200MHz memory,…
aewin's intel network  appliance
AEWIN的Intel 系列產品 | 網通設備 | 邊緣運算伺服器 | 通用伺服器
AEWIN Technologies provide smartly designed Intel based platforms for customers of any scale. With 20 years of experience building high performance network forwarding platforms, AEWIN has extensive knowledge in building secure and reliable network solution platforms. From network appliances to edge AI servers, to cloud computing servers, we are…
edge ai accelerator support guide
AEWIN Edge AI 伺服器加速卡支援表
AEWIN Technologies, builder of innovative Edge computing system for AI applications, has released GPU support guide across the edge computing hardware product line. Most AI applications require the use GPU accelerators, but with so many systems and accelerators on the market, enterprises and clients can find it very hard to…
OT008 Hybrid Network Cryptography Accelerator Card
To enhance data security, AEWIN launches OT008 crypto accelerator that provides Intel QuickAssist Technology to secure data transport and protection across server, storage, network, and VM migration. OT008 can accelerate important wireless hashing and ciphering algorithms such as AES, Snow 3G,…
AEWIN partners with UNISEM to launch Edge AI solutions
New Taipei City, Taiwan, June 03, 2021 – AEWIN announces partnership with UNISEM to leap into the AI-assisted future. UNISEM has taken its video analytics expertise and implemented it into useful real-world applications. These innovative AI solutions will change the landscape of how things are done in the near future.
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