智慧邊緣伺服器 BIS-3101
AEWIN BIS-3101 is a versatile Edge AI Server supporting various kinds of NVIDIA GPU or FPGA cards to fulfill a variety of applications such as Smart City, Smart Medical, Smart Manufacturing, and more. It can be easily moved and deployed in any location benefited from its handle design and…
雙 10G 網路擴充模組 -NFT203A
AEWIN is glad to share with you that our latest Network Expansion Module called NFT203A is launched. It has dual 10G SFP+ ports powered by BROADCOM BCM57412. Based on PCIe Gen 3 x8 Golden finger, it is feasible with various AEWIN platforms in our wide-range product portfolio from 1U…
Dual 10G Network Expansion Module with Bypass
雙10G配有bypass網路擴充模組 NCT202A
The NCT202A is AEWIN’s latest Network Expansion Modules, powered by the Intel® X710-AT2 chipset, with 2x 10GbE ports (supporting interfaces of 10GBASE-T/NBASE-T/1000BASE-T/100BASE-T) and one pair copper bypass. Based on AEWIN standard Expansion Module form factor for PCIe x8 connection, the front-access design makes it easy to adopt to various…
SCB-1836 搭載12th Gen Intel® Core 處理器
AEWIN Technologies, an experience network appliance provider, today announces the latest 1U platform, SCB-1836, powered by 12th Gen Intel® Core Processor. As the first CPU with the advanced Intel 7 process, the increased CPU cores & threads (up to 16 cores/24 threads) offers remarkable performance…
AEWIN 與 Blaize 合作,為邊緣 AI 應用提供高性能 GPU 計算
El Dorado Hills, CA and New Taipei City, Taiwan — May 24, 2022 — Blaize, the AI computing innovator revolutionizing edge and automotive computing solutions, today announced that AEWIN Technologies, Taiwan, is offering its platform of Multi-Access Edge Computing network appliances, SCB-1932, with the Blaize® Xplorer X1600P-Q PCIe accelerator…
Intel Insider Series Episodes: AEWIN Shares Industrial Security Defense in IT/OT
In the latest round of Intel Insider Series, various episodes are arranged under The Internet of Every Day. AEWIN Technologies (doing business as AEWIN), as an experienced network appliances provider, is invited to deliver the company’s experience of security defense not only in IT, but also in OT. The…
NFQ201雙40G 具有光纖bypass 網路擴充卡
The NFQ201AL and NFQ201BL are two of AEWIN’s latest Network Expansion Modules, powered by the Intel® XL710-BM2 chipset, with 2x 40GbE QSFP+ ports and one pair fiber bypass (multi-mode/ single mode). Offered in the AEWIN standard Expansion Module form factor for PCIe x8 connection, its front-access design makes the…
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