透過邊緣計算 IVA 實現智慧城市

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How edge computing with IVA helps to secure our daily life

The edge devices with the flexibility to expand the NICs can manage larger amounts of live streams in real time. With 5G network featuring higher bandwidth and faster speed, its infrastructure can be utilized to develop highly scalable and stable video analytics solutions. In addition to network transmission, performant edge servers play an important role in speeding up the process of handling a tremendous number of images/ videos.
Furthermore, the ability to analyze numerous data without delay is determinant for time-crucial applications. With the support of GPU, the compute-intensive training and inference based on machine learning can be accelerated to accomplish finer analysis and promptly reaction accordingly. The combination of the new technologies is so called intelligent video analytics (IVA) which uses deep learning-based computer vision to complete various task with identifying, detecting, decision making, etc.
Taking the advantages of processing IVA in edge AI servers under the 5G ecosystems, our daily life can be secured through multiple applications of smart surveillance.

  • Crime Detection
    With real-time video surveillance and facial recognition at edge, crime or suspicious individuals can be detected at every border through inference under extra-low latency. Combining with enormous background database, the edge server also learns from the daily collections and analysis to provide faster response and increased accuracy. Alert would be triggered through multiple devices and ways such as phone calls, audible alarms, alerting based on IoT devices, etc., and the guards may execute arrests at once to avoid any harm to the sociality.
  • Traffic/Parking Control
    The city can monitor vehicular traffic/parking and analysis the live streams with map and historical data to plan for orderly management including designing appropriate traffic patterns, expanding high-traffic road or public parking options, and enforcing additional services. Regarding life security, fully comprehend how and why there are places with frequent traffic accidents can assist in setting up helpful actions to prevent further unforeseen events.
  • Public Health/Safety
    As the Coronavirus pandemic raged these years, tracing infected individuals’ contact is critical to avoid the spread of the epidemics. Efficient contact tracing is benefited from real-time image processing and accurate face recognition driven by artificial intelligence with trained deep neural networks. For proactive prevention, crowd detection with enforcement of social distancing can also make use of the new technologies.

As there are growing needs of reliable video analytics solutions to transform video streaming into insights/actions for diverse security related applications, edge computing with IVA realizes them with speed and accuracy. It is not limited to crime detection, traffic/parking control, and public health/safety, but enabling predictive city management with good use of big data and upcoming new demands for the smarter city, safer life, and beyond.

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  • SCB-1932C: 2U Edge Server with dual Intel® 3rd Gen Ice Lake-SP with 2x dual slot Gen 4 x16 FHFL GPU cards, 4x PCIe Gen4 x8 slots for NICs, Accelerators & NVMe SSDs
  • SCB-1937C: 2U Edge Server with dual AMD EPYCTM 7000 series with 2x dual slot Gen 4 x16 FHFL GPU cards, 4x PCIe Gen4 x8 slots for NICs, Accelerators & NVMe SSDs
  • BIS-3101: Desktop Workstation with Intel 8th/9th Core i and 1x dual slot Gen 3 x 16 FHFL GPU card