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5G era brings exponentially increasing demands of the reliable network appliances along with the IoT devices. With the fast-changing environment of the networking, the flexibility of scaling is becoming more and more crucial to adapt to the evolving system. To save the cost of dedicated networking hardware and make the implementation/ upgrading/ maintenance of the system easier, virtualization is what we are looking for to build a more agile network. The hardware solutions with open architecture and the features mentioned have grown to address the trend.

To deploy, configure, and update the system with lower effort, software defined system is the one to fulfill them. In addition, better utilizing the resources for numerous tasks can be completed with virtualization. Systems with compact size, high performance/ power efficiency, fine reliability/stability, and advanced scalability are needed to deliver optimized network edge solutions.

To realize the requirements mentioned, CPEs have developed into Universal Customer Premise Equipment (uCPE) to provide value-added services with vCPE. It carries out multiple VNFs and hardware accelerations like SR-IOV, QuickAssist Technology, DPDK, etc. for various network functionalities such as local routing, load balancing, firewall, spam filtering, malware detection, and more. The system is with reduced OPEX and CAPEX as new algorithms/ updated protocols can be integrated without barrier for the software-defined services and new deployment can be achieved efficiently.

The virtualization of CPE appliance delivers scalable network services and can evolve with the customer/ environment smoothly. The software defined solution of uCPE/ vCPE can accomplish enhanced efficiency, advanced performance, great flexibility to deploy/ upgrade, and even reduce TCO.

AEWIN provides reliable appliance for uCPE as below. To know more about the product details and offerings, please don’t hesitate to contact us!
SCB-1931: Intel 3rd Gen Xeon SP 1U platform with 2x GbE ports and 4x PCIe slots for NICs.
SCB-1935: AMD EPYC 7000 Series 1U platform with 2x GbE ports and 4x PCIe slots for NICs.
SCB-1830: Intel Xeon D 1U platform with 10x GbE ports, 4x SFP+, 2x PCIe slots for NICs, and QAT.
SCB-1739: Intel Atom P Series 1U platform with 4x GbE ports, 8x SFP+ and 2x PCIe slots for NICs.
SCB-6913: Intel Atom X Series Fanless platform with 6x GbE ports and 3x M.2 w/ 4x SIM.
SCB-6989: Intel Atom C Series Desktop with 8x GbE ports, 3x mini-PCIe, and QAT.
SCB-6995: Intel Atom C Series Desktop with 6x GbE ports, 2x SFP+, 1x mini-PCIe, 1x M.2, and QAT.
SCB-6911: Intel Celeron N Series/ Atom X Series Fanless platform with 4x GbE ports, 1x SFP, 1x mPCIe with SIM.