The Benefit of Intel QAT (Intel QuickAssist Technology) and AEWIN QAT (Crypto Acceleration) Cards

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By connecting everything, tremendous amount of data is generated at any edge to build a smarter world. Plenty of innovative application is taking place based on the exponential growth of data demands. Advanced technology is required to meet up the requirement of the marketing for making the transmission of the data more efficiently and secure. Intel QAT is one of the technologies that would help with dealing the data efficiently with security. In this Tech Blog, we will be introducing its benefits and AEWIN offerings.

Benefits of QuickAssist Technology
Intel QAT refers to Intel QuickAssist Technology which is a technology that helps accelerate data encryption and compression. It can not only save time and cost by offloading compute-intensive workloads to free up capacity, but also enhance the secure data transmissions. Once the sensitive data is secured, the potential threat of great financial loss can be prevented from risks.

By supporting Cipher operations (AES, DES, 3DES, …), RSA operation, IPSec/SSL acceleration, etc., it makes acceleration scalable to achieve requirements of improved packet processing performance and higher efficiency of data encryption. Crypto Acceleration cards with PCIe form factor provide a flexible and extendable way to add cryptography functions and compression acceleration to everywhere.

Benefits of AEWIN QAT (Crypto Acceleration) Cards
AEWIN offers QAT (Crypto Acceleration) cards with Intel QuickAssist Adapter including C626 and C627 for expanding the performance and security capabilities. Ranging from 1G/10G/100Gbps and further mixed configurations, AEWIN has multiple options which is easy to configure the exact requirements per use cases and applications. It is also suitable for SDN and NFV solutions as VPN traffic acceleration and I/O virtualization using SR-IOV is supported.

By adding AEWIN Crypto Acceleration cards to existing solutions, high levels of integration of performance and scalable security acceleration can be achieved. With the excellent expandability and diversity of the Crypto Acceleration cards provided by AEWIN, accelerators to offload cryptography workloads can be easily integrated in diverse solutions.

Intel QuickAssist technology benefits performance, scale, and efficiency. AEWIN offers multiple Crypto Acceleration cards with standard PCIe form factor to accelerate and compress cryptographic workloads. It supports optimized implementation for numerous applications including Edge/5G, database, storage, machine learning, and more to enable faster data traffic processing and encrypted data transmission.

AEWIN offers multiple QAT (Crypto Acceleration) cards below.

  • OT001: HHHL PCIe x8 card with 4x 10G SFP+ (Intel C626)
  • OT008: HHHL PCIe x16 card with 4x 10G SFP+ (Intel C627)
  • OT017: FHHL PCIe x16 card with 1x 100G QSF28, 4x 10G SFP+ (Intel C627, Intel E810-CAM1)
  • OT018: OCP 3.0 SFF card with 4x 1G RJ45 (Intel C627, Marvell 88E1543)
  • OT019: HHHL PCIe x16 card with 4x 1G RJ45 (Intel C627, Marvell 88E1543)
  • OT020: FHHL PCIe x16 card with 1x 100G QSF28, 2x 10G SFP+, 2x 1G RJ45 (Intel C627, Intel E810-CAM1, Marvell 88E1512)