OT 電腦安全的新世代

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The importance of the cyber security

  • OT incidents are more serious
    Not just losing the confidential information, OT cyber-attacks cause more destructive outcomes. The halts in production and operation may results in extensive financial losses, direct physical harm, and even potential casualties. Although the impact on OT is far more severe, the attention of OT security back in years is low as IT incidents happened more frequently. However, things change as the new age of OT take place.
  • OT security risks are increasing
    With the increasing development of IIoT/ AIoT under a fast evolved ecosystem, greater numbers of companies are connecting equipment/devices to the internet to pursue real-time operations for enhanced competitiveness in various industries such as automation, manufacturing, healthcare, urban infrastructure, etc. More touchpoints with the internet in OT result in higher potential security threat. This makes the needs of OT cybersecurity become more significant than ever and the demands of the equipment of network security has grown to address this trend.

OT cyber security defense is required

  • Everywhere
    As Operational Technology (OT) interacts with the physical world including sensing, monitoring, and direct control of physical devices/processes, the OT security requires the ability to expend to a variety of vertical applications. The edge systems would have to be deployed everywhere for OT security defense. To achieve the objectives, the computing system need to be compact enough for different fields.
  • Solution with feature sets
    As an experienced network security hardware provider, AEWIN offers various platforms which can act as industrial UTM (Unified Threat Management) with feature sets including small size, fanless/ruggedized design, multi-LAN, and wireless connectivity for OT security defense. SCB-6913 is an ultra-compact system supporting Intel’s latest Elkhart Lake to have higher performance and the maximized connectivity with 6x 1GbE RJ45 ports plus 3x M.2 slots for 4G/5G/WIFI modems. It is a great companion for SMBs to safeguard their network from the ever increasingly hostile open internet.

Feature Products

In addition to SCB-6913 as mentioned, AEWIN provides systems ranged from Atom, to Denverton, to Core I and Xeon, user can effortlessly select the most suitable one per requirements/use cases.

SCB-6913: Elkhart Lake Platform with 6x RJ45 GbE ports and 3x M.2 for 2x 5G (w/ 4x SIM) plus 1x WIFI
SCB-6990: Denverton Platform with 6x RJ45 + 2x SFP GbE ports, 2x M.2 for 5G, and 1x mPCIe for WIFI
SCB-6995: Denverton Refresh Platform with 6x RJ45 GbE ports + 2x SFP+ 10G ports, 1x M.2 for 5G, and 1x mPCIe for WIFI
SCB-1736: Comet Platform with 2x Expansion Module bays and 10x RJ45 GbE ports (or 8x RJ45 + 2x SFP)
SCB-1830: Skylake-D Platform with 2x Expansion Module bays, 10x RJ45 GbE ports, and 4x SFP+