Network Expansion Module

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AEWIN has nearly 20 years of experience designing and building high-performance network packet forwarding platform. Our passion has pushed us to find optimizations where possible, in software as well as hardware.


Our engineers have the experience to fine tune DPDK for specific applications to run best on AEWIN’s Network Expansion Modules in every speed range, from 1GbE all the way up to 100GbE, as well as supporting up to PCIe Gen 4. The AEWIN standard form factor allows easy service and front access to ports and provides PCIe access for other type of accessories. Remote accessories can be powered by PoE+ enabled modules. For situations where high availability is required, we offer MCU controlled Bypass with configurable modes to keep network packet flowing through the network. Please come and see how AEWIN systems and Network Expansion Modules can become the foundation of your network forwarding platform.