AEWIN’s Intel PFR Module

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AEWIN Launches the OT006A Trusted Secure Boot Module for increased firmware resilience to guard against tampering and data corruption. The PFR module enables root of trust (RoT) authentication, a particularly important step to further enhancing security of hardware devices that carries and process our data. It can also be a part of chain of trust (CoT) security for solutions providers to harden against potential attacks. As attacks gets increasingly more sophisticated, software, hardware, and system firmware will need to tightly integrate together to resist against unauthorized tampering to prevent down times and exposure of private user data.

The OT006A is based on Intel® Platform Firmware Resilience technology (PFR) introduced in 3rd-Gen Intel® Xeon® SP Platform. Based on an Intel FPGA self-contained module, it is isolated from rest of the system to reduce possible attack surfaces. The on-board logics identify and authenticate firmware signatures inside the system. It is also capable of monitoring various system buses for suspicious traffic. An additional layer of security is added. The PFR module can restore tampered or corrupted firmware images from an approved and secured golden image.

AEWIN has integrated OT006A PFR module support starting with our 3rd Gen Xeon-SP platforms, such as the SCB-1932 and BIS-5221, with many more to follow. AEWIN is fully on-board for safe-guarding the firmware running inside our systems. Speak to an AEWIN sales representative to learn more about enhanced firmware security of an AEWIN system and more. We are a full-service hardware provider that offers the full range of Intel powered platforms, from Atom to Xeon-SP!