AEWIN SCB-1836 Performant Network Appliance, Powered by Intel 13th /12th Gen Core Processor

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The SCB-1836 is AEWIN Mainstream 1U Network Appliances powered by 13th/12th Gen Intel Core Processor. Taking advantage of the advanced Intel 7 process, the increased CPU cores & threads (up to 24 cores/ 32 threads) of Raptor Lake-S CPU offers remarkable performance to handle a huge amount of data in a shorter period with better power management.

SCB-1836 features the new DDR5 standard with higher memory bandwidth (4800MHz) and larger capacity (up to 128GB with 2 channels/2 DIMM per channel) to handle massive data in a shorter period with better power management. It has two PCIe 5.0 expansion slots possessing twice the speed compared to PCIe 4.0 to accelerate the transmission. And there are another two slots of PCIe 4.0 for installing wide range of AEWIN NICs from 1GbE to 100GbE with optional Bypass function to build flexible configurations. Furthermore, SCB-1836 supports DPDK for high-speed packet processing and optional IPMI module for better management control.

In addition to the great capability and function mentioned, the system supports 300W redundant power supplies for outstanding sustainability and reliability. To further ensure the networking security, SCB-1836 supports optional TPM2.0 to protect its boot-up process. All the features mentioned make it suitable for diverse network solutions like Cybersecurity, NGFW, UTM, SD-WAN, uCPE, and more.

To know more about this versatile platform powered by Intel 13th /12th Gen Core Processor and R680E, please reach out to AEWIN friendly sales!