Intel Insider Series Episodes: AEWIN Shares Industrial Security Defense in IT/OT
In the latest round of Intel Insider Series, various episodes are arranged under The Internet of Every Day. AEWIN Technologies (doing business as AEWIN), as an experienced network appliances provider, is invited to deliver the company’s experience of security defense not only in IT, but also in OT. The…
AEWIN Announces Dual 40G Network Expansion Module with Fiber Bypass
The NFQ201AL and NFQ201BL are two of AEWIN’s latest Network Expansion Modules, powered by the Intel® XL710-BM2 chipset, with 2x 40GbE QSFP+ ports and one pair fiber bypass (multi-mode/ single mode). Offered in the AEWIN standard Expansion Module form factor for PCIe x8 connection, its front-access design makes the…
AEWIN announces SCB-1739 powered by Intel Atom P Series Processor
AEWIN Technology, an experience network appliances provider, today announced SCB-1739,  its latest 1U platform powered by Intel Atom processors. Leveraging the Intel Atom processors’ high integration and low latency network acceleration,  SCB-1739 provides advanced computing power and scalability. To have optimized…
Announce AEWIN online sharing in a seminar held by iDB Edge Computing for Evolved System
As an experienced network appliances provider, AEWIN is invited to a seminar held by iDB with the purpose of engaging Taiwan companies with US system integrators/ ISVs/ operators for partnerships and opportunities under fast evolved network ecosystem. During the two 2-hour seminars on 3/28 and 3/29 (7:30-9:30PM EST), there…
SCB-7910 powered by Intel Denverton Processor
AEWIN is proud to announce the edge network appliance powered by Intel® Atom C3000/3000R processor Processors, the SCB-7910. Benefited from increased Cores up to 16, faster DDR4 memory, and enhanced/faster/flexible I/O of Denverton compared to previous generation, the SCB-7910 is with good performance, rich I/O, yet low power consumption,…
Network appliance SCB-1826 powered by Intel Xeon W and 10th/11th Core Processor
Benefited by Intel® Xeon W and 10th/11th generation Core™ processor with up to the 10-core/20-thread, the SCB-1826 possesses boost of performance compared to previous-generation platforms. With LGA1200, it is compatible with Comet Lake-S and Rocket Lake-S while the latter features PCIe Gen4. In addition to…
AEWIN Launches Edge AI SCB-1931 & SCB-1933, Intel 3rd-gen Ice Lake-SP Servers
AEWIN is proud to announce the latest Edge Computing Server powered by Intel® 3rd generation Xeon Scalable Processors (Ice Lake-SP), the new SCB-1931 and SCB-1933. These two Network Appliance are designed to leverage the advanced features and capabilities of Intel’s latest Xeon CPUs, Ice Lake-SP. In addition to…
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