AEWIN Performant Network Appliances SCB-1931 & SCB-1933

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AEWIN SCB-1931 and SCB-1933 are the latest high-performance Network Appliances powered by 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processor (Codenamed Ice Lake-SP). SCB-1931 is a 1U rack-mount platform with 4x PCIe 4.0 expansion slots while SCB-1933 is a 2U rack-mount system with up to 8x PCIe slots that provide high throughput with AEWIN self-design NICs ranging from 1G to 100G. The models can fulfill desired workload and throughput with great flexibility and lower TCO.

In addition to having the extraordinary computing performance from the latest Intel CPUs with up to 40 cores, SCB-1933 is designed with short-depth of 600mm to achieve high-speed packet processing at edge for time-critical cases. SCB-1931 is with even compact size of 548mm depth to fit into any locations. Both models have dual wide range of CRPS to enhance competitiveness in cost and leverage the CRPS supply chain efficiency. Along with the virtualization support from Intel Xeon-SP, SCB-1931 & SCB-1933 can utilize maximized packet processing with its great scalability which make them ideal for 5G Open RAN, vRAN, MEC, etc.

Regarding cybersecurity, SCB-1931 and SCB-1933 are designed with Trusted Platform Module (TPM2.0) which allow authentication of hardware devices to ensure the integrity of the hardware platform. Both models support optional AEWIN Trusted Secure Boot module which authenticates system firmware to ensure hardware integrity and permits recovery to gold image in case of tampering or firmware corruption. The integrated 100Gbps Intel QuickAssist technology (Intel QAT) helps to accelerate data encryption and compression for secure content delivery. Along with Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX) of isolated protection, the SCB-1931 and SCB-1933 are also perfect as NGFW, UTM, ADC, etc.

Product details of SCB-1933:

  • Intel Xeon Scalable Processor (Ice Lake SP)
  • 8x DDR4 3200
  • 8x PCIe expansion bays (NIC, NVMe, Accelerator, etc.)
  • Size: 440mm (W) x 600mm (D) x 88mm (H)

Product details of SCB-1931:

  • Intel Xeon Scalable Processor (Ice Lake SP)
  • 8x DDR4 3200
  • 4x PCIe Gen 4.0 expansion bays (NIC, NVMe, Accelerator, etc.)
  • Size: 438mm (W) x 548mm (D) x 44mm (H)