Company Profile


Our Vision

AEWIN is committed to being your reliable partner in building an integrated and intelligent world

20 Years of Experience in ODM / OEM
30% - Ratio of Engineers to Total Employees
ISO-9001/ 14001/45001 Certified

Long Term Technical Support and Availability

Across the varied industries of Network Security, IoT, Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, and SDN — what has remained constant is a long term commitment for existing product lines and the technical staff needed to troubleshoot around the clock. AEWIN is devoted to providing the service necessary to support enterprises of all sizes.

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Integrate Leading Technology

AEWIN works with Intel and AMD to make the latest technology available to our clients. Our continued research into new market trends allows us to suggest the best solution for maximizing value in computing performance.


Complete In-House Operations Means No Compromise on Quality or Safety

Since our inception, AEWIN has always prioritized keeping design and engineering decisions between our team and our clients to ensure reliability in the final product.

Our Leadership

AEWIN was founded by and continues to be led by pioneers in flow-based networking technologies who have previous experience in industry-leading organizations

Chief Executive Officer
Charles Lin

Charles Lin is the Chief Executive Officer of AEWIN Technologies, guiding the development and implementation of AEWIN's operational strategies and vision. He has been with AEWIN since the beginning with over 30 years of prior experience in the electronics industry.

Chief Operating Officer
Claire Tien

Claire Tien is the Chief Operation Officer of AEWIN Technologies. Before join AEWIN, Claire held several positions at Qisda/BenQ group and has extensive experience in operations, sales and marketing in China, USA, and Hong Kong.


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