AEWIN’s D8AI NLP Document Recognizer solution

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AEWIN cooperates with D8AI to provide NLP Document Recognizer solution to transform unstructured information to useful data. It can reduce the operating cost, enhance the service, and accelerated document process time. Enterprise, hospital, or even government can improve the data processing quality with this solution.

NLP Document Recognizer includes a proprietary AI assisted data extraction technology which can transform multiple optical and text data type simultaneously. These formats include Chinese, English, barcode, QR code, and other digital data. It can help organizations speed up digitization of paper documents for processing and storage in the database. It utilizes deep learning and computer vision in unison to find structure in data, which can be used for predictive analytics. Additional data types and languages can be integrated with customization to fit any requirement.

NLP Document Recognizer processes multiple format image through proprietary D8AI CT-SSD and CTC-CNN algorithms for text detection and text recognition for model training. The model can be trained with data from specific domain knowledge, experiences, Q&A, regulations, and human feedbacks for continuous model improvement.

NLP Document Recognizer application needs the reliability of workstation-class computing system, such as the BIS-3101. It is powered by Intel 8th /9th Coffee Lake 8 core CPU, 32GB of memory, and support NVIDIA T4 or dual width FHFL GPU over 200W. For organization with large databases, real-time inferencing, massive batch processing, and high complexity data models, the SCB-1932 is the answer. With dual Intel 3rd Xeon Scalable Processors, up to 2TB of memory, and 2x dual width datacenter focused NVIDIA A30 GPU, this is a powerhouse system that can accommodate any organizational requirements.

AEWIN is specialized in Edge and network computing platforms. Our edge computing platforms have been optimized for accelerated computing with NVIDIA GPU hardware. With optimized BIOS and careful component selection, we are able to achieve best results to meet customer requirements for NLP Document Recognizer for any scale of deployment.

Coffee Lake 8 core Light Edge Computing system
32G memory, two 2.5 or 3.5 SSD/HDD, on board M.2 slot, support dual width FHFL GPU.
Support Intel 8/9th Core i7/i5/i3 (Coffee Lake-S) series processor, LGA 1151
●2x channel DDR4 2400MHz un-buffered / Non-ECC SODIMM, max support 32GB

●1x dual width PCIe Gen 3 x16 slot, supporting RTX-3070