AEWIN’s D8AI Chatbot Solution

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AEWIN partners with D8AI to bring you AI powered Chatbot solution. D8AI was founded by industry veterans aiming to bring AI into everyday applications through innovations with in-house AI engines that empower solutions across their portfolio. The Chatbot solution is designed as enterprise-grade customer care AI that can provide relevant and timely assistance or response. It can integrate into many existing messaging and social media platforms, with a single unified management backend. This allows easy management and monitoring of user interactions.

The AI model can be easily trained, modified, and retrained through a simple and intuitive webGUI. The data import for training is done through an easy interface, and Q&A specific for the application can be loaded into the system with simple Excel file. Chatbot backend interface will provide checks of responses for validity, with additional ranked responses that the manager can choose for guided training when chatbot responses can be improved. Customer care personnel can monitor and intervene at any moment transparently to the end user in cases that could not be handled by the AI. Data from these interventions can load back into the AI training regimen and update the AI model at any time, as well as performing big-data analytics to track trending topics and more.

Additional services and modules can be added to tailor Chatbot system for your specific use cases. The AI is date aware, and customized greetings and responses can be taught to the AI for seasonally relevant responses. There are options to add scripts for general chat interactions for more natural conversation flow. The AI is aware of tone and emotional responses which then triggers alert to the manager for intervention to de-escalate the situation or provide more appropriate replies.

AEWIN computing platforms has been validated by D8AI and are the ideal hosts for D8AI’s suite of innovative software solutions. AEWIN offers system equipped with the latest 3rd Generation Xeon-SP processors. SCB-1932 with acceleration provided by up to 2x dual-width NVIDIA Datacenter accelerators. These are powerful system capable of handling thousands of concurrent users, enabling the chatbot to service the needs of the largest organizations. For more modest user count, the SCB-1826 and SCB-1833, powered by workstation class CPU by Intel, are cost effective alternatives.

AEWIN has been steadfast in our pursue in bringing highly configurable platforms for the emerging edge AI market. Our systems have been chosen by many ISV as the foundation to host their latest software innovations. Our deep partnership with D8AI allowed us profound insight on the specific workload, which enable us to tailor BIOS and firmware settings for optimized results, as well as carefully chosen hardware specifications tuned for exacting needs.

Dual 3rd Gen Intel Xeon SP High Performance Edge Computing system
8x AEWIN Expansion Module bays, supporting Network Expansion Modules, GPU, U.2 Convertors
● Support 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processor(Ice Lake-SP)
● Support Max 2TB DDR4 3200MHz & Optane DC Persistent Memory
● Max support 8x PCIe Gen4 x8 slots for Network Expansion Module
● Support BMC/IPMI& hardware One-Key Bypass function