The explosion of data brought a new era of networking and internet connected services. The traditional fixed-function hardware are straining to keep up with the ever changing demands and requirements. The expense and time required to creating proprietary hardware to tame the network is becoming a big hurdle to cross. Commoditized off-the-shelf hardware along with open source platforms are increasingly becoming the norm due to the availability and speed of deployment.


這些開源軟件遵循ETSI定義的NFV標準,以確保兼容性。這確保了NFVi生態系統保持兼容並具有成本效益。電信公司和其他網絡運營商希望能夠快速部署,減少供應商鎖定並減少實施時間。通過NFV / SDN架構,軟件和硬件的分解很容易實現。廣泛的開源軟件選擇使您能夠找到部署和管理這些網絡設備所需的最佳工具。