其陽推出最新Intel第三代Xeon Scalable處理器 (Ice Lake-SP)邊緣運算伺服器

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Intel launches the rest of the 3rd generation Xeon Scalable Processors, based on the advanced Ice Lake-SP architecture. AEWIN is proud to launches first wave of systems to support these processors: SCB-1932 and BIS-5221.

The SCB-1932 is a 2U, 2 socket network computing platform and is highly configurable via PCIe accessories and Network Expansion Modules. With up to 8x PCIe Gen 4 Expansion module slots, it is a versatile system that can satisfy many use cases within a single system. Supporting multiple GPU accelerators and 100GbE networking, this platform is ideal for NFVI and MEC/vRAN applications. The short 600mm chassis depth allows fitment in the diverse location edge servers may be deployed.

BIS-5221 is a 2U, 2 socket Ice Lake-SP based rackmount server. This is a hyper converged server platform that can empower all your applications. With 6x FHHL and 2x HHHL slots, the SCB-5221 offers great expandability. Total of 2x dual-width GPUs are supported to accelerate AI inferencing and video decoding/analytics workloads. In addition, it also offers 2x OCP3.0 SFF slots, each with PCIe Gen4 x16 bandwidth for the increasingly popular OCP3.0 based network cards. Besides, the newest OCP3.0 spec offers component replacement without opening the chassis benefit. The prestigious amount of PCIe lanes offered by the new Ice Lake-SP is the magic behind this expandability. Vast amount of memory is supported with a total of 32x memory slots.

Ice Lake-SP has been further refined over the previous generation with Intel Optane Persistent Memory 200 series support (code name Barlow Pass). Performance improvements are helped by the increased core count to 40cores per socket, and up to 8x channel 3200MHz memory. Platform security has also been enhanced. In addition to SGX already introduced in previous platforms, TME (Total Memory Encryption, Crypto Acceleration, and Intel PFR (Platform Firmware Resilience) technologies are available to help harden the platform against malicious actions. Ice Lake-SP is a giant leap in every metric compare to previous platforms. Have a chat with our friendly sales representatives and discover how Ice Lake-SP can take your applications to the next level.


  • Support 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processor(Ice Lake-SP)
  • Support Max 2TB DDR4 3200MHz & Optane DC Persistent Memory
  • Max support 8x PCIe Gen4 x8 slots for Network Expansion Module
  • Support BMC/IPMI& hardware One-Key Bypass function

  • Dual 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Processors (Ice Lake-SP )
  • Support Max 4TB DDR4 3200MHz & Optane DC Persistent Memory
  • Support up to 2x OCP 3.0 Network Cards
  • Support up to 6x PCIe FHHL + 2x HHHL add-on cards