Intel Insider Series Episodes: AEWIN Shares Industrial Security Defense in IT/OT

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In the latest round of Intel Insider Series, various episodes are arranged under The Internet of Every Day. AEWIN Technologies (doing business as AEWIN), as an experienced network appliances provider, is invited to deliver the company’s experience of security defense not only in IT, but also in OT. The episode will be held on June 8 (2022), 1.00pm SGT.

AEWIN and Intel will discuss about cybersecurity under the topic of “Industrial Security Defense in IT/OT”. During the one-hour sharing, challenges, solutions, and use cases will be given to let the audience learn more about the potential cyberattack we may face every day and how we can secure the system under the fast-evolved ecosystem with the latest technologies of Intel and AEWIN.

We cannot wait to present our featured products and success stories to you online. Below is the link for the episode, you are more than welcome to share it with your connections and join us together to seek for better options of the deployments.

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Tiana Shao
AEWIN Product Marketing