AEWIN 推出搭載Intel E810 的網路擴充卡R671 & R672

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AEWIN introduces R671 & R672 Network Expansion Modules powered by Intel E810 controller

The increasing bandwidth demands of modern network applications requires the fastest and most reliable networking gear. AEWIN’s latest R671 and R672 Network Expansion Module utilize the Intel E810 series controller, purpose built for the modern highspeed network for up to 100GbE connectivity. It features many advanced functionalities built for the highest performance networks. SR-IOV allows virtual machines, such as VNFs, to bypass the software stack to gain DMA access to minimize packet processing overhead. Similarly, iWARP and RoCE v2 also allows RDMA access but remotely through UDP or TCP packets for increased efficiency and speed of moving data for HPC applications.

Intel sought to improve a common problem that occurs during high workloads of massive amount of data transfer with Application Device Queue (ADQ). Working with large amount of data can cause traffic jams that can severely impact latency for latency sensitive tasks. ADQ helps applications to queue and reserve bandwidth to enhance responsiveness and reduce latency for increased predictability of performance. Additionally, Dynamic Device Personalization (DDP) provides a programmable pipeline to enable workload specific optimizations to lower latency and higher bandwidth for improved packet processing efficiency.

AEWIN R671 Network Expansion Module is ready to integrate into your highspeed network, with 1x or 2x 100GbE QSFP28 ports. With PCIe Gen4 x8/x16 or PCIe Gen3 x16 connection to host, it offers true 100Gbps performance, and 2x port version allows teaming to offer load balance and failover mode. R672 is available with 4x 25GbE SFP28 ports. Offered in the AEWIN standard Expansion Module form factor, or double-width module for PCIe x16 connection, it will integrate into many of our existing platforms. Please speak to our friendly sales representative and see how you can integrate AEWIN’s latest Network Expansion Module into your system.

1x or 2x 100GbE QSFP28

4x 25GbE SFP28

Optional PCIe x16 connection to maximize bandwidth to host system:

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