What is Edge AI?How about Edge AI applications?

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Modern businesses have a growing reliance on smart applications that requires the power of an accelerator, such as a GPU, to instantly processes analytics or inference workloads. The local availability of GPU computing power provided by an edge server allows lowest latency to provide real-time inferencing to power your smart applications. This is Edge AI.

There are many definitions of the Edge, but in general Edge can be defined as on-premises systems or forwardly deployed servers at edge cloud to service a building, neighborhood, or city block. The proximity of these servers to the users alleviates the network traffic and latencies required to traverse to the datacenter.

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Edge AI will continue to be the trend as the next logical step of digital transformation of businesses, as more office tasks are augmented or replaced by digital workflows. Smart applications can help digitize documents or provide instant responses to customer queries with AI assisted chatbots. These smart applications are just the tip of the iceberg in what AI can do to improve organizational efficiency and providing additional data for analytics like never before.

Accelerated AI computing also have applications for improving city life. Smart city solutions can give city planners valuable and precise data for vehicle traffic, foot traffic, hot zones, and many more metrics. These can help city planners formulate future infrastructure upgrades, as well as planning for transportation, traffic, future city expansions and more. It also has uses in city operations.

Live video feeds are becoming the norm in many cities. These cameras, augmented with a visual inference engine can be used for traffic regulation enforcement, to reduce manpower required for minor traffic violations, freeing up valuable human resources for exceptional cases or active criminal activities.

We’re at the exploration stage of AI evolution. We’re experimenting with how AI can improve every facet of our lives. To host these new cutting-edge solutions, the hardware needs to be reliable and can keep up with the demands of high-powered GPU and other application specific accelerators. AEWIN systems are Edge ready, being compact and some have higher temperature design requirements by default. The front access design allows GPUs access to coolest air, helping to keep the GPU at peak performance no matter where it is deployed.

Furthermore, our workload optimization team is good at fine tuning firmware for highest performance in application specific benchmarks based on customer configuration, and this is appreciated by ISVs who do not have volume to drive big brand servers for customizations. AEWIN’s ever-expanding Edge AI product portfolio allows reliable and rapid development of innovative smart applications that can accelerate your business.

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