AEWIN Edge AI Accelerator Support Guide

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AEWIN Technologies, builder of innovative Edge computing system for AI applications, has released GPU support guide across the edge computing hardware product line. Most AI applications require the use GPU accelerators, but with so many systems and accelerators on the market, enterprises and clients can find it very hard to choose which hardware solution are right for them. To simplify this process, AEWIN is providing a qualified accelerator support list for these platforms.

AEWIN Edge computing server have three types of AI application: data center, accelerated edge and workstation. The data center hybrid storage servers focus on high performance and longevity of accelerator. These support the passive data center focused GPU accelerators. The accelerated Edge computing systems include AEWIN front access mainstream and high-performance systems. The 2U systems support most accelerator cards, and the 1U system are better served with lower powered inference focused cards, such as the T4. AEWIN’s workstation class hardware has been designed to accept the widest possible range of accelerators, including consumer focused Geforce RTX series cards.

NVIDIA Accelerators come in many different tiers with the most majority of use cases utilizing the T4 for inferencing. For heavier inferencing applications or int8 or FP16 workloads the A10/A30 class of accelerators are well suited. These cards also have significantly improved training performance over the basic T4, making them the ideal cards for workloads that is inference heavy, but occasionally used for training. For training heavy workloads or heavy double-precision FP64 calculations, NVIDIA’s V100 and A100 accelerators are the best candidates for this application.

The accelerator support guide will help you choose the right hardware to fulfill your specific AI requirement and showing you all the possible configurations for future upgrade path should the computing requirements change.

AI, HPC & Data Processing Mainstream Compute Inference On Premise & Graphics
A100/V100 A30/A10 T4 Quadro / Geforce
General Purpose/
Edge Computing