Software Defined Wide Area Network

Software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) is part of the trend of moving towards software defined hardware function. The abstraction of functions from hardware opens up a new world of possibilities. Traditional WAN devices, such as those used by enterprises, are increasingly insufficient in the modern security focused networking.

Modern SD-WAN solutions offer many connectivity options, from various wired networks to wireless networks like 5G, allowing mission critical redundancies to maintain access to and from your network. SD-WAN can work in conjunction with traditional MLPS or wholly replacing it depending on the needs of your organization. In addition to the WAN optimizations offered by traditional WAN devices, intelligent functions such as traffic optimization, data replication, web caching, rule based routing between carriers, VPN service, advanced packet inspection and filtering can be hosted by the SD-WAN.

Additional services and updated security policies can be easily rolled out to many devices to satellite offices through remote administration. This is critical in staying ahead of cyberthreats, and the centralized administration can also help prevent misconfigurations to ensure no weak link in the security chain.