SCB-1836 powered by 12th Gen Intel® Core Processor

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AEWIN Technologies, an experience network appliance provider, today announces the latest 1U platform, SCB-1836, powered by 12th Gen Intel® Core Processor. As the first CPU with the advanced Intel 7 process, the increased CPU cores & threads (up to 16 cores/24 threads) offers remarkable performance to accelerate the workloads. SCB-1836 features the new DDR5 standard with higher memory bandwidth (4800MHz) and larger capacity (up to 512GB with 2 channels/2 DIMM per channel) to handle a huge mass of data in a shorter period with better power management. Moreover, SCB-1836 will also support 13th Gen Intel® Core Processor to perform outstanding multi-threaded performance with up to 24 cores/ 32 threads and faster DDR5-5600 in 2023.
SCB-1836 has total four PCIe slots. Two of them are PCIe 5.0 slots possessing twice the speed compared to PCIe 4.0 to accelerate the transmission. And another two are PCIe 4.0 slots for installing wide range of AEWIN NICs from 1GbE to 100GbE to build flexible configurations. Regarding the enhanced security, it is with Intel® Platform Trust Technology and Intel® Boot Guard to secure the start-up process. The system also features AMT, VT-x, and VT-D for better management and remote control. Furthermore, it has 300W redundant PSU for outstanding sustainability and reliability.
In addition to the advantages mentioned, SCB-1836 supports DPDK for high-speed packet processing and IPMI for better management control which make it suitable for diverse network solutions like Cybersecurity, NGFW/UTM, SD-WAN, etc. Moreover, the SCB-1836 can also serve basic network storage applications as it contains multi-storage medias including 3x SATA 3.0 socket and one mSATA. To know more about this versatile platform, please don’t hesitate to contact AEWIN friendly sales!

SCB-1836 : 1U rack-mount system with 12th Gen Intel® Core Processor(Alder Lake) with R680E FCH, 4 x DDR5 UDIMM, 2 x USB2.0, 3 x SATA III, 1 x mSATA, 1 x mPCIe, OT004B pin header, TPM 2.0 (optional), IPMI slot (R492A with dying gasp, optional), 4 x NIC module & BP003A + 300W redundant PSU