AEWIN Performant Network Appliance, SCB-1942 Series, has been Applied to Intelligent Intrusion Prevention System

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AEWIN Technologies Co., Ltd (doing business as AEWIN) has launched Performant Network Appliance, SCB-1942 Series which has been selected to perform as intelligent intrusion prevention system for efficient cybersecurity protection. Powered by dual Intel latest 5th Gen Scalable Processors, AEWIN SCB-1942 Series is with extraordinary scalability for high throughputs PCIe5.0 NICs to deal with 24-hour real-time monitoring.

AEWIN SCB-1942 Series powered by dual Intel Emerald Rapids Scalable Processors offers high computing power and increased memory bandwidth for data analytics. In addition, the integrated Intel AI engines of Intel Emerald Rapids SP including AMX and AVX-512 boost deep learning workloads with better TCO. With AI, the system is able to detect abnormal behavior or malwares effectively and further come up with analysis or prediction for thorough risk prevention.

The SCB-1942 supports up to 8 slots for AEWIN self-design NICs with 1G to 100G copper/fiber interfaces with/without bypass function. Moreover, the models provide the flexibility to change the 2x PCIe x8 slots to 1x PCIe x16 slot to support off-the-shelf add-on cards such as 400G NIC cards for extremely high throughput.

Featured with high-speed transmission, excellent scalability, and embedded Intel Deep Learning Boost, SCB-1942 series is perfect as intelligent intrusion prevention system performing real-time detection of various forms of intrusion attempts and providing accurate predictions to ensure cybersecurity. For further information, please feel free to contact us any time.