AEWIN Launches Edge AI SCB-1931 & SCB-1933, Intel 3rd-gen Ice Lake-SP Servers

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AEWIN is proud to announce the latest Edge Computing Server powered by Intel® 3rd generation Xeon Scalable Processors (Ice Lake-SP), the new SCB-1931 and SCB-1933. These two Network Appliance are designed to leverage the advanced features and capabilities of Intel’s latest Xeon CPUs, Ice Lake-SP. In addition to the high computing performance and the expandability, the outstanding space utilization makes them not only perfect as network computing platforms but also ideal for edge AI, 5G vRAN, MEC, and AIoT.

AEWIN SCB-1933 is a 2U, single socket Ice Lake-SP edge server with 600mm in depth. The front-access design makes it comfortably fit into the diverse locations. The Intel 3rd Gen Xeon CPU is with increased Core Count up to 40 cores (270W processor) to offer performant operating capabilities. With up to 8x PCIe Gen 4 slots, it is highly configurable via full range of AEWIN Network Expansion Modules from 1 to 100GbE per port, AEWIN QAT module, NVMe module, accelerator card, etc. With AEWIN-designed conversion kits, users can also select standard form-factor PCIe cards such as GPU cards and more.

The SCB-1931 is a 1U server, single socket edge computing platform with even shorter chassis, only 548mm in depth. It is suitable for space-limited edge applications. Without compromising the performance and the expandability, it supports up to 270W processor with optional liquid cooling solution and up to 4x PCIe Gen 4 slots for users to build up their own configurations effortlessly. Furthermore, the 1U server (SCB-1931) also has the dual 550W CRPS like 2U server (SCB-1932) to lower the TCO and leverage the CRPS supply chain efficiency.

With the support of DDR4 RDIMM/LRDIMM 3200MHz and Intel® Optane 200 Series Memory (Barlow Pass) combination, the Whitley platforms offer bigger datasets at a lower cost and has better operational efficiencies. The total memory capacity can achieve up to 3TB through 8 memory channels. Besides, there are onboard dual M.2 slots for boot image redundancy.

Additionally, the platform security of both SCB-1931 and SCB-1933 has also been enhanced. Intel® SGX (Software Guard Extensions), TME (Total Memory Encryption), Crypto Acceleration, PFR (Platform Firmware Resilience), and AEWIN trusted secure boot technologies are available to help harden the platform against malicious actions. To discover more, please don’t hesitate to have a chat with our friendly sales representatives.

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