Zero Trust Solution

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As the technologies develop rapidly, cybersecurity become more and more important these days as more connections and multiple ways of connections lead to numerous target points for cyber-attack. To adapt complexity of the modern environment, innovation of security architecture is required to protect data, applications, devices, etc. Zero Trust Security is one of them that can be applied to SMB in various industries to enhance cybersecurity. Check out more in this Tech Blog.

Zero Trust Security with Performant Network Appliance

Zero Trust Security
Based on Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA), we discuss a solution that has been standardized and practiced for realization of cybersecurity enhancement with continuous upgrade. ZTA is a standardized IT security architecture that can provide reliable, cost-effective cybersecurity for enterprises. For the era of digital transformation, Zero Trust Security is crucial to edge-to-cloud ecosystems.

Among ZTA, digital identity is one of the cornerstones. It needs to achieve comprehensive identity management and meet real-time security requirements through fine-grained and dynamic authorization methods. To fulfill the growing needs of network security at edge, the AEWIN platform powered by Intel 3rd Gen Xeon SP can help to achieve the requirements of reduced latency, better management/monitoring/analysis, and higher flexibility/scalability.

SCB-1933 powered by 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processor
AEWIN offers performant Network Appliance, SCB-1933, for efficient network security defense at edge. SCB-1933 powered by Intel 3rd Gen Xeon Scalable processor has extremely high computing power to handle numerous data that has to be authorized, controlled, and effectively transmitted.
Furthermore, the short depth design (600mm) of the Network Appliance-SCB-1933 makes it easily fit into the edge to accomplish real-time security requirements.
With Intel’s performant processor featuring diverse security technologies, AEWIN Network Appliance is with great reliability for network security.
In addition to Intel QAT and the increased faster I/O of PCIe 4.0 lanes, SCB-1933 makes full usage of the rich PCIe lanes to support up to 8x NICs for higher throughputs and larger bandwidth of the network with great flexibility and scalability. It can handle a massive amount of data that needs to be monitored/ authorized/ analyzed/ controlled in real time effortlessly.
Product features of SCB-1933 are listed below as a summary.

  • Short-depth chassis and front I/O design for easy implementation at any edge
  • Multi-core high performance computing power to achieve complex tasks
  • Multiple PCIe expansion slots for Network Expansion Modules with 1-100G ports for high bandwidth and fast data transmission
  • Virtualization-outstanding scalability to upgrade better resource utilization
  • Redundant power supply units and fans for outstanding reliability

AEWIN Network Appliances powered by performant 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processor have been trusted by some of the top Network Security experts as the foundation of their network defense solutions including Zero Trust Security. To know more about AEWIN extraordinary products and customizations, please don’t hesitate to contact AEWIN friendly sales!

– SCB-1933: Ice Lake-SP Platform with short depth design, up to 8x PCIe Gen4 NICs, and IPMI.