Edge AI Appliance to Benefit AI Applications-A Bundle of AEWIN’s Edge AI Server and AI-Stack of InfinitiesSoft

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As the technologies develop rapidly, AI has been integrated to various kinds of verticals including Smart City, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Medical, and more. AEWIN is working with InfinitiesSoft Solutions Inc. (doing business as InfinitiesSoft) to co-create an Edge AI Appliance with the AEWIN Edge AI Server and InfinitiesSoft AI-Stack software to speed up the development and deployment of diverse AI applications.

Edge AI Appliance
A performant platform for the development and operating management of machine learning is created through the integration of the AEWIN Edge AI Server and the AI-stack of InfinitiesSoft. The Edge AI Appliance provides the ideal development environment to support industry in creating valuable applications.

AEWIN SCB-1932C features dual Intel Xeon Scalable processors for high performance and flexible expansion slots for GPU acceleration and AEWIN wide-ranged Network Interface Cards to enable high throughput for low latency data transmission and excellent computing power for effectively processing AI model training and inference. In addition, SCB-1932C is design in short-depth of 600mm which can be easily deployed at the edge and make it a perfect Edge AI Server for MEC applications.

With the countless experience that InfinitiesSoft has gained in GPU management and development, the integration of its AI-Stack with AEWIN Edge Server can result in the use of GPU resources with better efficiency and make AI development/management easy and quick through the interface platform. This integration aids businesses in accelerating the entire AI deployment process, from AI model development through edge applications. The AEWIN Edge AI Server with installed AI-Stack platform can handle numerous servers to strengthen the total resources for high-efficient operation and to create win-win solutions for the AI applications.

Bundling Hardware (AEWIN – Intel Xeon Ice Lake SP Edge AI Server) and Software (InfinitiesSoft – AI Stack) to accelerate the development of AI applications with a single platform with all the required resources, tools and AI frameworks for performance optimization which benefits diverse AI applications.