NFVI Containers application, different yet familiar

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 Virtualization technology we’ve deployed and come to love belong to a class of OS level virtualization. Virtual machines, complete with its own OS, runs a top another OS/hypervisor to provide a wide variety of services. In the past few years, there is an increased popularity of containers, which is an application level virtualization solution. It differs from OS level virtualization in that containers are abstracted instance of the host OS that runs a suite of software and dependencies within the scope of each isolated containers.

The containers contain everything it needs to do its job, ensuring the container will be portable and working as intended by the developers anywhere it is deployed. Open source container management and orchestration software is a blooming field of active development, and have some of the biggest name in the industry supporting, such as RedHat’s OpenShift, VMware’s vSphere Integrated Container, and vendor independent frameworks like Kubernetes and Dockers.

Many solution vendors already offer a wide variety of containers for many different usage, such as security, VNF, and Deep Learning, to more mundane task like web server. Here at AEWIN, we love containers and the open source community around it. See how AEWIN’s hardware can be the foundation of your containerized applications.

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