Changing the World with Private 5G

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By processing the data at where it is created or consumed, edge computing enhances the efficiency with lower latency. Many innovative applications appear with the development of the technologies and boost up a trend of digital transformation. Low latency data process and transmission is required to handle massive amount of data for diverse verticals including Smart Manufacturing, Smart City, and Smart Medical, and more. Among the key technologies to support the applications, 5G network is one of them.

Private 5G Network
Private 5G networks is with dedicated bandwidth to provide improved data security, lower latency, and better connectivity to support real-time applications not only in IoT, but also AI-powered services. During the development of 5G applications, private 5G has helped digital transformation in automation, healthcare, and city management.

It covers AOI solutions, AI assisted manufacturing, remote surgery, real-time patient management system, remote diagnoses, real-time traffic video inference, etc. Higher data transmission performance with lower latency cannot only enable innovative applications which are time critical, but also reduce OPEX and save energy with the improved resource utilization.

Bring Together IT, OT, and AI
Private 5G is one of the key technologies that make remote management and automation accomplishable for labor cost saving and efficiency improvement. To enable private 5G network, OPEN 5G RAN and enterprise uCPE with 5G connectivity are needed. MEC servers is also required for edge compute management, further network virtualization for private cloud, and AI acceleration to accomplish diverse applications.

Combining IT and OT portfolio, AEWIN product offerings of short-depth Edge AI Servers with the latest Intel/AMD high-performance processors and compact 5G uCPE platforms with various kinds of configurations can help to integrate 5G technology including 5G network infrastructure solution to AIoT applications.

Private 5G offers low latency, excellent connectivity, and high security to reduce the overall OPEX for real-time AIoT applications that can benefit the world not only in productivity, but also in energy saving with enhanced efficiency. Combing IT, OT, and AI, private 5G network solution can help to boost versatile AIoT applications.

To know more about AEWIN extraordinary products and customizations regarding private 5G, please don’t hesitate to contact AEWIN friendly sales!

– SCB-6913: Elkhart Lake Platform with 6x 1GbE and 3x M.2 for LET/5G and Wi-Fi.
– SCB-7910: Denverton Refresh Platform with 6x 1GbE RJ45, 2x 10GbE SFP+, and QAT.
– SCB-1836: Alder Lake Platform with 4x PCIe NIC, IPMI, and TSB module.
– SCB-1833: Ryzen Platform with 4x PCIe NIC and IPMI/TSB module.
– SCB-1942: Dual Sapphire Rapids-SP Platform with short depth design, 4x PCIe Gen5 slots plus dual FHFL GPU slots or 4x PCIe Gen4 NIC, and IPMI.
– SCB-1946: Dual EPYC-9004 Platform with short depth design, 4x PCIe Gen5 slots plus dual FHFL GPU slots or 4x PCIe Gen4 NIC, and IPMI.