AEWIN’s UniTraffic Solution

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AEWIN cooperates with UNISEM’s IoT Division to provide the UniTraffic, an AI (Deep Learning)-based traffic management solution, to help in solving traffic problems caused by complex traffic environment and loose adherence to traffic regulations. Traffic is a major issue affecting metropolitan cities and UniTraffic can assist in managing traffic to improve the operations across the city.

UniTraffic’s core technologies are Deep Learning-based image processing technology and multi-object detection that allows counting and classifying on-road objects such as pedestrians, automobiles, motorcycles, buses and trucks. It has 99% accuracy for object recognition in real-time and due to multiple object tracking can identify traffic violations simultaneously.

UniTraffic’s Video Analytics System, VAS, capable of detecting objects from video feeds and classify the objects according to the features of objects through Deep Learning. LPDR, License Plate Detection and Recognition, detects the license plate number of vehicles with violations from the video input. TMS, Transportation Management System, is the backend web-based system to analyze, monitor, and aggregate traffic information by collecting the data from the VAS & LPDR. TMS can provide users with the data on traffic analysis and police enforcement result. UniTraffic solution is useful for city planners by providing statistics and traffic flow patterns to plan future infrastructural development and upgrades. Likewise for city administration and police departments, UniTraffic can minimize time used for administering tickets and reduce personnel costs.

UniTraffic requires a high-performance system to process multiples of live video inputs.  AEWIN SCB-1932 is the ideal platform to host this application. It is powered by the latest Intel 3rd Generation Xeon-SP processors, support up to 2TB of memory, and 1600W redundant power supplies. The design is a refinement of our successful and widely deployed SCB-1921 network computing system. Video input processing is provided by up to 4x NVIDIA T4 GPUs. SCB-1932 has on-board BMC for ease of management and AEWIN Secure Boot technology for safe-guarding on-board firmware. Through AEWIN’s network computing lineage, SCB-1932 has outstanding network connectivity options through AEWIN’s full line of network expansion modules that ranges from 1Gbps all the up to 100Gbps.

Through personalized collaboration, it enables us to fine tune performance of the servers and GPU for application specific workloads. This is the difference between going with a general purpose server from other manufacturers versus AEWIN. See how AEWIN and UNISEM together can help you leap into the future of city traffic management.

Dual 3rd Gen Intel Xeon SP High Performance Edge Computing system
8x AEWIN Expansion Module bays, supporting Network Expansion Modules, GPU, U.2 Convertors
● Support 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processor(Ice Lake-SP)
● Support Max 2TB DDR4 3200MHz & Optane DC Persistent Memory
● Max support 8x PCIe Gen4 x8 slots for Network Expansion Module
● Support BMC/IPMI& hardware One-Key Bypass function