AEWIN Network Appliances for Various Kinds of Workloads of Network Security & Management

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Cybersecurity becomes more and more important in the era of information explosion as it is crucial for the development of digital transformation. The demands of Network Appliances grow with the trend and has expanded to various kinds of configurations to fit in different workloads. AEWIN, an experienced Network Appliance provider that has extensive knowledge in building secure and reliable systems, offers a full product portfolio for cybersecurity. Further details have been included in this Tech Blog.

AEWIN Wide Range Network Appliances

[Industrial Security Desktop & Desktop Network Appliance]
-Atom Platform (CPU core: ~2-8C, RAM: Up to 32GB, 1 NIC for Max. 8G)
-Designed for uCPE, Firewall, UTM

Entry level network appliances featuring ultra-compact size and fanless design for any edge deployment as firewall. It can achieve optional security instructions as a slim entry-level firewall. It is flexible and agile for securing network edge.

[Rackmount Network Appliance]
-Core i/ Xeon D Platform (CPU core: ~4-20C, RAM: Up to 256GB, 4 NIC for Max. 120G)
-Designed for Middle/High-end uCPE, SD-WAN, UTM, NGFW

Rackmount network appliances are with high throughput for mid/high-end uCPE and SD-WAN. Fully configurable to fit any enterprise/government deployment flexibly. It has rich mix of PCIe expansion slots to fulfill use cases per requirements. Supporting IPMI out-of-band management for remote control to perform with great effectiveness and efficiency.

[High-performance Network Appliance]
-Xeon SP Platform (CPU core: ~8-256C, RAM: Up to 4,096GB, 8 NIC for Max. 2,000G)
-Designed for NGFW, ADC

Featuring maximum packet processing efficiency for virtual network functions, UTM/IPS/IDS, SSL inspection, load balance, and more. With extraordinary computing performance, excellent scalability to enhance network traffic management, the optimized system can minimize CAPEX and OPEX by completing complex management for network security in single system.

To fulfill the diverse requirements of cybersecurity at different level of protection and various kinds of deployment area/location, AEWIN offers Network Appliance featuring the full range of Intel and AMD processors for wide range of applications. AEWIN can be your reliable hardware partner with flexible design and customization options to meet your stringent requirements.

To know more about AEWIN extraordinary products and customizations regarding cybersecurity, please don’t hesitate to contact AEWIN friendly sales!