AEWIN Technologies Partners with flexiWAN for an Open Source SD-WAN Solution

Unchaining MSPs and enterprises from the HW+SW lockin

flexiWAN is the first SD-WAN developer to combine both a commitment to open-source technology and a true SAAS model to meet the scaling needs of enterprises making the switch to SD-WAN. Users can subscribe to flexiWAN on a monthly-basis and according to actual usage, with full access to a services marketplace where developers can share networking applications built on the flexiWAN platform for their own dynamic requirements. Deployments can also be simplified by choosing an existing flexiWAN environment to operate under, whether it is a shared environment where multiple organizations are handled under one umbrella, or a dedicated environment that offers an isolated white-label environment for a specific enterprise or service provider. A customized self-hosted environment can also be deployed with the flexiWAN platform.

AEWIN has partnered with flexiWAN and certified its SCB-6990 uCPE solution for worldwide SD-WAN deployments. With subscribers no longer locked-in to their existing vendor’s hardware, AEWIN has made hardware flexibility, scalability, and after-sales service as the defining features of its off-the-shelf hardware strategy. The SCB-6990 was designed to support a wide range of applications with multiple CPU SKUs, on-board storage options, and LTE/Wi-Fi support. Combined with AEWIN’s worldwide distribution and support channels, companies can build global operations using quick deployments with product assistance from AEWIN.

The SCB-6990 was validated as a supported HW device following the test procedures laid out by the flexiWAN team. The validation process involves performance testing with multiple devices and submitting the test results to flexiWAN for final evaluation, in a coordinated effort between flexiWAN’s engineering team and AEWIN’s test engineers. The SCB-6990 is compatible without modifications as an off-the-shelf hardware device.

Hardware device fulfillment is carried out by AEWIN Technologies while SD-WAN subscriptions are offered through flexiWAN directly.

Fanless Desktop Appliance Designed with Intel Atom C3000 Processor


●uCPE with Intel Atom C3000 System-on-Chip
●Built-in Intel QuickAssist Technology
●Supports SR-IOV on Intel i350 Ethernet Controllers
●Standard 6x 1GbE RJ45 and 2x 1GbE SFP ports
●Optional: On-board TPM
●Optional: On-board eMMC storage

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