AEWIN partners with D8AI to launch Edge AI solutions

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New Taipei City, Taiwan, June 01, 2021 –  AEWIN announces partnership with D8AI to accelerate the arrival of AI empowered future. With continued growth in smart applications, D8AI solutions enable companies of all sizes to leverage the power of AI to provide better value and improve organizational efficiency.

D8AI Chatbot solution is designed as enterprise-grade customer care AI that can provide relevant and timely assistance or response. It can integrate into many existing messaging and social media platforms, with a single unified management backend. This allows easy management and monitoring of user interactions.

NLP Document Recognizer utilizes a proprietary AI enabled data extraction technology which can transform multiple optical and text data types simultaneously. These formats include Chinese, English, barcode, QR code, and other digital data. It can help organizations speed up digitization of paper documents for processing and storage in the database. It utilizes deep learning and computer vision in unison to find structure in data, which can be used for predictive analytics.

Through this partnership, AEWIN has gained profound insights in AI technology and allowed us to customize BIOS and firmware for optimized results, as well as carefully chosen hardware specifications tuned for exacting needs.

“D8AI solutions offer an attractive option for enterprises and organizations to leverage the latest technologies to augment their internal processes. AEWIN’s computing platforms are quintessential part of the equation,” said Charles Lin, CEO at AEWIN. “With a balance of hardware and firmware optimization, we are able to achieve substantial performance gains. We are proud to present this solution to the market to exemplify what can be accomplished with tight cooperation between hardware and software partners.”

“AEWIN has been an indispensable partner. Their hardware and BIOS tuning expertise give us the computing performance we sought. AEWIN’s hardware provides significant advantages over other servers on the market,” said Dr. Richard Sheng, President and CTO of D8AI. “Through our partnership, we have gained a reliable partner that can provide insights to hardware designs and architectures that directly feed back into our software architecture to take advantage of the latest hardware innovations.”

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