AEWIN Launches High-Density Edge Computing Server, BAS-6101A, Powered by AMD Bergamo/Genoa

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edge server 6101 by amd

AEWIN is proud to announce our latest High-Density Edge Computing Server, BAS-6101A, featuring the latest AMD Zen 4 Genoa (EPYC 9004) as well as Zen 4c Bergamo CPUs (EPYC 97×4). BAS-6101A now supports AMD Bergamo CPUs with Zen 4c architecture which have up to 128 cores (~100% increased) and 400W TDP (~28% increased) to enable the extreme computing power pursued in the market.

BAS-6101A packs maximum computing power into a 2U 600mm chassis, making it ideal for deployment at the edge.

Key features of BAS-6101A include:

  • High-density computing unit

BAS-6101A supports the latest AMD SP5 CPUs (Bergamo/Genoa) which have up to 128/96 cores and 400W TDP per CPU. It supports 8 standard PCIe slots and 1 OCP 3.0 slot at the same time. Customers can also choose to have 2 Dual-Width FHFL DPU/GPU accelerator cards with up to TDP 300W per card. The system cooling solution supports up to 2500W power consumption.

  • High capacity memory

BAS-6101A has 24 DDR5 memory slots with industry-leading support for 2 DIMMs per channel design. No need for pricey 3DS DIMMs, it utilizes regular RDIMM modules to provide 16GB memory support to each CPU core. With massive number of 9 DPU cards, it is perfect for Application Delivery Controller (ADC) use cases.

  • Flexible storage options

BAS-6101A provides 6 hot swap front & rear storage devices. Front storage is a great convenience for customers who want faster & easier access. They can also choose to have rear storage with high capacity support, native SATA/NVMe SSDs, and Tri-Mode storage option through RAID card support. The mainboard itself also supports dual M.2 22110 NVMe SSD as high capacity OS boot devices.

  • Encryption & decryption acceleration cards

With AEWIN designed QAT Crypto Acceleration cards, the system provides excellence performance of encryption/decryption accelerations. It supports extensive security protocols and algorithm, such as SSL/TLS, IPSec, DTLS and, etc. Meanwhile, with high speed network controllers integrated, BAS-6101A provides 900Gbps throughput to assist customers on product optimizations.

  • A concise system design

The system utilizes 2U 600mm chassis to support high-density computing power with up to 2500 watts, it can easily fit in standard 800mm server rack even with fiber optic transceiver modules connected. The power supply units are designed to be connected from both front and rear to cope with datacenter diverse PDU requirements. For better user serviceability, BAS-6101A also provides 1+1 hot swap redundant power supplies, 5+1 hot pluggable fan modules, and vertically installed PCIe card modules.

  • Best Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

High-density computing with high wattage is achieved under a concise and compact chassis design, with better system memory configurations at lower cost level. BAS-6101A supports up to 3200Gbps PCIe Gen5 expansion cards, flexible storage options, intelligent system cooling controlled by BMC, and more. It provides the best Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) while maximizing computing power and efficiency.

To know more about AEWIN or our latest products, please reach out to our friendly sales!

Product details of BAS-6101A:

  • BAS-6101A: 2U High-Density Edge Computing Server with single AMD Bergamo/Genoa processor, total 8x PCIe slots (2x dual width FHFL PCIe Gen5 x16 or 4x single width FHFL PCIe Gen5 x16, 2x single width FHHL PCIe Gen5 x16, 2x HHHL PCIe Gen4 x8) + 1x OCP 3.0 slot for NICs and Accelerators.