SCB-1935 update to AMD EPYC 7003 Milan

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SCB-1935 has been updated to support the latest AMD processors from AMD. Epyc 7003 series processors features the Zen 3 architecture that brings a host of architectural improvements that brings huge performance and efficiency gains. The chiplets and IO die design has been further refined and optimized. These processors allows the SCB-1935 to have great amount of expandability, and highly configurable PCIe accessories and Network Expansion Modules.With high core count processor and accelerator, this platform is ideal for NFVi and MEC/vRAN. Additionally, enabled by AMD’s prestigious amount of PCIe lanes, the SCB-1935 supports 4x front Network Expansion Modules, with up to 400Gbps throughput, or up to 32x 1GbE connections, plus a rear-mounted cryptography accelerator card, all fitting in a compact 1U 600mm depth chassis that fits in diverse locations where these may be deployed, particularly in forward edge deployment.