AEWIN Collaborates with Altran to Enable Enterprise uCPE Solution for SD-WAN

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AEWIN Collaborates with Altran to Enable Enterprise uCPE Solution for SD-WAN

San Jose – October13, 2020 – Enterprises around the world are increasingly embracing universal customer premise equipment (uCPE), which provides all of the benefits of network functions virtualization (NFV) while lowering costs, enabling shared resources and increasing flexibility for turning up service on demand. With continued growth in the uCPE market expected to reach $781 million by 2023, AEWIN today announced that it has collaborated with Altran, part of Capgemini to enable SD-WAN functionality on uCPE platforms for companies of all sizes.

Through this collaboration, Altran’s SD-WAN uCPE operating system (OS) leverages AEWIN’s uCPE Whitebox Hardware Solution, a general-purpose platform that integrates computing, storage and networking on an off-the-shelf server to provide various network services as virtual functions to any site on the network. Altran’s uCPE solution is preintegrated with vRouter& Firewall virtual network functions (VNFs) and Altran Orchestrator, as well as a cloud-native OS that supports containerized, low-resource footprint workloads for cost-effective uCPE deployments.

AEWIN’s collaboration with Altran enables us to build uCPE for enterprises to share resources, reduce costs, innovate more quickly and automate operations,” said Charles Lin, Chief Executive Officer at AEWIN. “As both the SD-WAN and uCPE markets continue to strengthen, this solution will enable savvy enterprises to integrate virtualization and establish market leadership more quickly and cost effectively.”

uCPE is especially attractive to enterprises that recognize the challenges posed by conventional WAN infrastructure – network complexity, lack of agility and skyrocketing costs. By contrast, uCPE supports software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) for rapid service adoption and delivery, giving enterprises competitive, feature-rich and flexible WAN access that integrates multiple device functionality in one solution.

As enterprises continue the path to digital transformation, Altran uCPE provides them with many benefits, including flexibility to change the VNF on the fly, Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP), Networks and Connections Manager, Telemetry Agent and a policy-based analytics engine,” said Brian Bronson, President of Global Platforms and Solutions at Altran. “Altran’s collaboration with AEWIN creates a robust framework for enterprises to add agility and resiliency into their network, which ultimately reducing costs over traditional solutions.

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