AEWIN announce the latest addition to our edge AI focused portfolio

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AEWIN is proud to announce the latest addition to our edge AI focused portfolio, the BIS-3101. This diminutive system features Intel Embedded 9th Gen Core Processors for long term reliability, paired with your choice of Geforce RTX-3080 GPU or the data-center focused NVIDIA Tesla T4. BIS-3101 is in the Workstation form factor that allow deployment in edge application where server room or prepared location is not possible or available, and offering high-performance edge AI inferencing.

Modern business have a growing reliance on smart applications that requires the power of a GPU for the inference workloads. The local availability of GPU compute power de-emphasize the internet requirement, and allow inference workload to work for your business even when internet connection is unreliable, or inadvisable due to processing of sensitive data.

NVIDIA NGC tool kit can expedite the process of developing applications that can leverage the power of GPU through the familiar CUDA toolkit and deployed through Kubernetes and containers. This allows fast concept to program to deployment, to deliver business services as quickly as possible. Through the usage of Kubernetes container management system, large scale deployment across the globe is possible and done simply through Kubernetes commands.

BIS-3101 is a strategic device that is a welcome addition to any business that wish to enlist the services of an Edge AI appliance. Able to support the familiar x86 based software along with NVIDIA’s powerful CUDA toolkit, this enable rapid development of innovative smart applications that can accelerate your business.

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