AEWIN and InfinitiesSoft Work Together to Build a Full Covering of Smart Application Services

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AEWIN Technologies Co., Ltd (doing business as AEWIN), founded in 2000, has over 20-year experience in designing and manufacturing High-Performance Network Appliance. The wide range of product portfolio includes Network Appliance, Servers, and expansion cards such as NIC (Network Interface Card) and Accelerator cards. AEWIN provides the support of customized design and technical supports to satisfy diverse demands from various industries. The reliable systems have been trusted by some of the top Network Security experts as the foundation of their network solutions.

Photo1: COO of InfinitiesSoft Solutions Inc., Dr. Hsuan-Yi Wu (Jen), and Product Marketing Manager of AEWIN, Tiana Shao, discuss on the integration of AEWIN Edge AI Server and InfinitiesSoft AI-Stack to provide the best customized AI developing environment for enterprises.

AEWIN joined Qisda group in 2019 becoming one of the hardware providers in Qisda BSA (Business Solutions Alliance) and worked with software provider of AI application to build Edge AI innovative solutions and integrated with 5G/CPE provider under Qisda to offer complete Open RAN solutions. The support of verification and optimization of GPU computing resources help to accomplish multiple smart solutions.

“AEWIN offers products featuring the full range of Intel and AMD processors from ultra-compact desktop platform to high-performance rack-mount servers. Integrated with AEWIN self-design network interface modules ranging from 1G to 100G, customers’ individual requirements can be satisfied with excellent efficiency,” says Tiana Shao, Product Marketing Manager at AEWIN. “In addition, AEWIN provides services of customization, software verification, and configuration optimization. As a response to the market demands, AEWIN expands the product lines to General Purpose Server and Edge AI Server. We commit to be the reliable all-round partners in Networking, IoT, Cloud/Fog Computing, and more.”

The maturity of technologies of 5G, AI, and Edge Computing brings the rapid development of Metaverse and further digital innovation applications. All of these require efficient CPU and GPU resources. AEWIN cooperates with InfinitiesSoft Solution Inc. (doing business as InfinitiesSoft) to provide the ultimate development environment to assist industry to create more valuable applications through the integration of AEWIN Edge AI Server and the AI-stack of InfinitiesSoft, the Machine Learning Development and Operations Management Platform.

As InfinitiesSoft has cumulated countless experience in supporting the collaboration on GPU management and AI model and application development, the integration of its AI-Stack with AEWIN Edge Server allow the GPU resources be used in a more efficient way and make AI development/management easier and more efficient through web-based platform. It helps enterprises to speed up the whole process of AI implementation from AI model building to the edge applications. In Smart City Intelligent Medical applications, AEWIN Edge AI Server with AI-Stack platform enables the management of multiple servers to strengthen the overall resources for high-efficient operation and build up win-win solution for customers.

Photo2: AEWIN Edge AI Server with InfinitiesSoft AI-stack enables efficient development and management of intelligent applications in various industries.

Shao also mentioned that there are many success stories of AEWIN Edge AI Server and MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing) in addition to the popularity of Network Appliances from global Network Security Experts. One of the hottest applications is the traffic management in Smart City. The enormous data requires extremely high computing power to handle with. AEWIN Edge AI Server allows the machine learning and re-training of AI model to be completed simultaneously.

The real-time analysis of the streaming of traffic flow, pedestrian flow, traffic signals and parking information can assist the city manager to build a better plan/strategy with advanced AI recognition, predictive abnormal alarm, intelligent decision-making, etc. AEWIN products such as SCB-1739, SCB-1826, SCB-1932, SCB-1937 include Intel/AMD platforms with single or dual CPUs, providing outstanding performance for real-time inference and model training.

Photo3: AEWIN Edge AI Servers with INFINITIES AI-Stack accelerates AI adoption in diverse vertical markets.

Regarding one of the hot topics, Intelligent Medical Management, in recent years, AEWIN offers high-performance Edge AI Server with short-depth design to implement great computing power of CPU/GPU to the Edge to achieve real-time intelligent recognition/analysis and AI model training. Taking the application of cancer inspection as an example, the Edge AI helps to scan and analyze hundreds of CT rapidly and provides inference results as a reference to further save doctors’ valuable time. Moreover, the AI models can continuously evolve with the latest big data and further push the developments of the Smart Medical to the next-level applications.

“Every touch point of IoT can be the target of cyber-attack. AEWIN offers reliable solutions of Network Appliance/NIC/Accelerator cards featuring rapid encryption, high throughput network transmission, and extraordinary performance of computing to fulfill the demands in cybersecurity. Responding to the explosion of the data growth, deploying the high-speed analyzing power at the edge can accomplish the low-latency innovative applications. Furthermore, processing the data at edge can filter the critical information before uploading the data to the cloud to ensure the overall maintenance of cyber security,” Tiana Shao reminds.