AEWIIN Edge AI Platform-BIS-3101

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AEWIN BIS-3101 is a versatile Edge AI Server supporting various kinds of NVIDIA GPU or FPGA cards to fulfill a variety of applications such as Smart City, Smart Medical, Smart Manufacturing, and more. It can be easily moved and deployed in any location benefited from its handle design and compact size. BIS-3101 powered by 8th/9th Gen Intel Core i processor can not only complete complex tasks with its remarkable computing performance but also offer cost-effective solution based on the flexibility of socket-type CPU (LGA 1151).

BIS-3101 is with depth of 377mm to accommodate diverse GPU card from single-slot to triple-slot which includes not only passive cooling GPU cards such as T4/A30/A10, but also active cooling ones such as GeForce RTX Series or Quadro Series. Its extreme flexibility can help to achieve required workload with the most efficient way and lowered cost.

BIS-3101 serving as an edge computing platform greatly reduces the latency of transmission to accomplish time critical cases. As the data would be calculated/ analyzed/ processed close to where it is generated, BIS-3101 is able of enhancing the efficiency of the procedure. Moreover, the support of GPU in BIS-3101 accelerates real-time inference at edge and make plenty of innovative AI applications possible.

With the capability of the Intel Core i processor for high computing power and the advanced ability of virtualization with VT-x/VT-d, BIS-3101 has great potential to do more than we can expect/imagine with its outstanding expandability/scalability. By running the new technologies on BIS-3101, more possibilities can be explored. To dig out more of the related markets and applications, check the related Tech Blogs below.

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Product details of BIS-3101:

  • Support Intel 8/9th Core i7/i5/i3 (Coffee Lake-S) series processor, LGA 1151
  • 2x channel DDR4 2400MHz un-buffered / non-ECC SODIMM, max support 32GB
  • 1x dual width PCIe slot for GPU/FPGA
  • Compact Size: 240mm (W) x 377mm (D) x 200mm (H)