Sustainable Intelligent Manufacturing

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The severe global climate change, the serious greenhouse effect, the limited energy/resources, and the increasing carbon prices rise the awareness of sustainability. Greener solutions are required to balance the technological development with the prosperity of nature and environment. Among the various industries, the concept of sustainability in Intelligent Manufacturing is receiving more and more attention.

The sustainable manufacturing is evolving with the growth of new technologies. Taking the advantage of real-time inference, AIoT solution in Smart Manufacturing helps to increase visibility of the supply chain with predictive maintenance and enable remote repairs to reduce time/cost. Let us take a closer look into how the capabilities make manufacturing greener.

How manufacturing gets greener with AI

Enhancing efficiency

Our previous Tech Blog of “Smart Manufacturing with 5G and AR” illustrates that the efficiency of operator training can be increased with AI and AR. With Edge inference, it assists pre-work of production to optimize the training with standardized way. As for production process, evolving AI solutions help to eliminate the inefficiencies of its predecessors and improve the productivity with reduced time and cost.

In AEWIN Tech Blog named “What is a digital twin”, we understand that shorter product design time, high yield, better maintenance can be realized with digital twins for its real-time simulation for precision manufacturing. In addition, the equipment repair can be upgraded by making the use of Edge AI with AR for remote diagnosis and predictive maintenance like we discussed in the previous Tech Blogs.

Reducing waste

With real-time on-site intelligent inspection, the waste can be greatly reduced by lower the energy consumption. Creating successive material flows of the suppliers to manage the workflow and make continuous improvement in each step of a manufacturing procedure towards zero-waste.

By replacing human with robots, machines, and smart sensors on routine works, the dependence of manufacturing processes on active human intervention can be lower and human errors/defections can be diminished effectively with intelligent automated process control. All these ways help to reduce waste for greener solutions.

Better management

With the assistance of AI, predictive analytics can be generated to optimize the energy utilization and reduce costs at the same time. When everything is connected, power meters and various sensors are under real-time monitoring. A massive amount of data collected would be categorized by inference and bring the analyzed results/predictions to assist strategic planning for better adjustment of current process.

Take reduced CO2 emission as an example, it can be implemented by setting up the target and accomplish it through energy management system. Based on the fine calculation and statistical analysis of the energy consumption, visualized dashboard is brought in to help the manager quickly understand the overall situation to achieve rapid adjustments, constructive strategies, and preventive maintenance with the aim of AI.


As Smart Manufacturing can enhance efficiency, reduce waste, and have better energy management, greener solutions can be developed and implemented. With the collaboration of the latest technologies of AI, 5G, digital twin, AR, computer vision, and more, the Intelligent Manufacturing is evolving to be sustainable and lead us to a brighter future.

To accomplish sustainable Intelligent Manufacturing, a reliable Edge Computing hardware with outstanding performance and excellent scalability is required. Below are some of AEWIN Edge AI Servers that could meet your requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact AEWIN sales for knowing further details!

SCB-1932C: 2U Edge Server with dual Intel® 3rd Gen Ice Lake-SP with 2x Gen 4 x16 FHFL GPU cards, 4x PCIe Gen4 x8 slots, redundant PSU, and short depth design.
SCB-1937C: 2U Edge Server with dual AMD EPYCTM 7000 series with 2x Gen 4 x16 FHFL GPU cards, 4x PCIe Gen4 x8 slots, redundant PSU, and short depth design.
BIS-3101: Desktop Workstation with Intel® 8th/9th Core i CPU, supporting Gen 3 x16 dual width GPU card.

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