Secure Web Proxy Server for Cybersecurity

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As pandemic has changed our world significantly that accomplishing tasks at the remote site has become a new usual these days. The web threats increase along with the trend. To enhance the cybersecurity, a secure web proxy server can act as a security layer between servers and outside traffic to protect from various kinds of malware. In this Tech Blog, we will talk about the secure web proxy, its benefits, and the featured server solution.

Secure Web Proxy Server is Required
A secure web proxy server is a cyber security product set between users and the Internet to protect data and strengthen network security. Encryptions help to ensure secure transmission of information. In addition, proxy can reduce the bandwidth requirements of enterprises by providing cache data to speed up common requests. Further benefits in details have been listed as below.


  • Internet Access Control
    Proxy server can monitor users’ internet access and set up block sites for certain employees. It can be a tool to manage labors and increase the productivity.
  • Privacy Improvement
    A proxy can changes the IP address, so the critical information stays private from outsiders.
  • Increased Performance
    By saving the most common used web pages, the proxy can retrieve the site from the cache when the same site is visited to save on bandwidth and improve connection speeds.
  • Enhanced Security
    The proxy supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connections to process encryption and decryption for secure transmissions. Also, the proxy can prevent various types of malwares by blocking insecure websites to increase security.


The secure proxy server requires high computing power for real-time defense, scalable memory support for cache, dedicated hardware-assist SSL for enhanced security, and system reliability for continuous operation. AEWIN’s general purpose server, BIS-5221, powered by 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor, possess all the features mentioned. With the latest performant Intel Ice Lake Scalable processors, BIS-5221 is with outstanding computing power and has total 32x DDR4 memory to enable the large amount of cache. Also, there is 12x 2.5”/3.5” Hot-swap SAS/SATA Bay for heavy storage. In addition, BIS-5221 has 80 PLUS Platinum Certified 1200W/1600W Common Redundant Power Supply (CRPS) to assure reliable operating performance. Furthermore, the encryption and decryption are accelerated for better performance with the support of native QAT. It can provide 24/7/365 real-time access control for enhanced network security.

Secure Web Proxy Server is required to be set between users and the Internet to reduce enterprise’ bandwidth requirements, protect data, and strengthen network security. Featured hardware powered by server-grade CPU can fulfill the requirements of real-time computing, scalable memory support, high-storage density, system reliability, and the support of enhanced security for the secure web proxy.

To know more about the suitable server, please refer to the following.
BIS-5221: 2U/12Bays Hybrid Storage Server System
● Dual 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors (Ice Lake-SP)
● Support 32x DIMMs DDR4 RDIMM/LRDIMM 3200MHz
● Support up to 2x OCP 3.0 Network Cards
● Support up to 6x PCIe FHHL + 2x HHHL add-on cards
● 80 PLUS Platinum Certified 1200W/1600W CRPS