Introduction of Intelligent Storage

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Why is Intelligent Storage required?
Explosive growth of data leads to complex challenges requiring high-performance storage solution to access, process, and manage the data fast, securely, and cost effectively. Intelligent storage is a system or solution that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize performance for real-time management and proactive response.

To maximize the value of the data and to support innovative applications, systems featuring secured data access, efficient management, excellent reliability, and predictive management are highly demanded. Intelligent storage features optimized performance, excellent scalability, enhanced security, and the ability to analyze, predict, and react in real-time.

Features of Intelligent Storage

  • Performance Optimization
    Intelligent Storage enables smart caching to accelerate data access, automated data tiering to classify data with its pattern/usage with low latency, and data deduplication & dynamic provisioning to optimize storage utilization for better efficiency and TCO. It is beneficial to performance-sensitive applications.
  • Scalability and Flexibility
    With storage virtualization techniques and dynamic provisioning, it enables better management and allocation of multiple storage sources to adapt to the fast-evolving environment. Furthermore, cloud integration is featured which allows it to extend the storage capabilities beyond on-premises infrastructure.
  • Enhanced Security
    Implemented encryption and access control protect stored data from unauthorized activity which are essential to handle sensitive data. Automated data back-up ensures data integrity, and data recovering further strengthen the data protection to minimize data loss.
  • Advanced Analytical and Predictive Capability
    Incorporate analytics and machine learning capabilities, intelligent search can be achieved to increase overall efficiency. Moreover, it can analyze historical data access patterns to predict further storage needs and generate future plan with proactive reaction.

Applications that Intelligent Storage is crucial to

  • Generative AI
    Generative AI and other large language model applications address high demands of large-scale data processing and real-time analytics which intelligent storage can efficiently handle. Powerful computing, high throughput, and great scalability of intelligent storage are also indispensable to efficient access and model training.
  • Cybersecurity
    As security attacks becomes more complex and diverse, evolving training model for intelligent detection can help to strengthen the overall security. Intelligent storage ensures automatic threat detection, identification, and response in real-time with advanced algorithms which make them critical to AI-powered cybersecurity.
  • Smart City
    Diverse data sets are generated by sensors, cameras, and other IoT devices every day. The great scalability of intelligent storage is perfect for accommodating the tremendous amount of data. Intelligent analysis and prediction make more value of the video data which are beneficial for the city planner to come up with appropriate plan for better city development.
  • Scientific Research
    Climate modeling, medicine development, and further scientific simulations all involve massive datasets. Intelligent storage could help with quick data access, processing, and retrieval with secure. Moreover, it enables real-time analytics which allow researchers to gain more insights and make smart decisions accordingly.

AEWIN platform as intelligent storage with the best TCO
AEWIN provides several general-purpose servers featuring extraordinary computing power, high throughput, great scalability, and enhanced security. Multiple models are offered to help customer tailor their configuration to meet specific workload required with great flexibility and the best TCO. Some of AEWIN general-purpose models are listed below for quick comparison. Further details can be found in the bottom of this article.

Featured intelligent storage plays a crucial role in enabling various AI applications that require rapid data access, real-time data analytics, and advanced data security. AEWIN offers several general-purpose servers with extraordinary computing power, high throughput, great scalability, high storage density, extraordinary reliability, and the best TCO for customers to build up tailored solutions effortlessly.

Check out further AEWIN intelligent storage by clicking below.
BIS-5121-1U: Single 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor (Ice Lake-SP/ Whitley platform) Server, supporting 8x DDR4, 4x 3.5” Hot-Swap HDD, 2x PCIe Gen4
BIS-5121-2U: Single 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor (Ice Lake-SP/ Whitley platform) Server, supporting 8x DDR4, 12x 3.5” Hot-Swap HDD, 3x PCIe Gen4
BIS-5222-2U: Dual 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor (Ice Lake-SP/ Whitley platform) Server, supporting 16x DDR4, 12x 3.5” Hot-Swap HDD, 5x PCIe Gen4
BIS-5222-4U: Dual 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor (Ice Lake-SP/ Whitley platform) Storage Server, supporting 16x DDR4, 24x 3.5” Hot-Swap HDD, 5x PCIe Gen4
BAS-6101B: AMD Zen4/Zen4c EPYC 9004 Processor (Genoa/Bergamo) Server, supporting 24x DDR5, 12x 3.5” SATA slots, 8x PCIe slots (6x Gen5, 2x Gen4), 1x OCP3.0 SFF