Enabling DDoS Protection with AEWIN Performant Platform for the Best TCO

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DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks continue to pose a significant threat to the availability, integrity, and security of online services, making them an important consideration in today’s cybersecurity landscape. Organizations must implement robust DDoS protection measures to mitigate the risk of disruption and minimize the impact of damaging their brand or losing revenues.

DDoS Protection
The goal of DDoS protection is to ensure the cybersecurity. It has to effectively identify abnormal patterns, block the attacks in real-time, and ensure uninterrupted access for legitimate users in the meantime. To enable the DDoS protection, the hardware of the solution requires high throughput to handle tremendous amount of traffic, excellent computing power to process real-time filtering, outstanding scalability to deal with the evolving attacks, and reliability to ensure continuous operation. AEWIN SCB-1947 has been selected by cybersecurity experts as the performant hardware for DDoS protection solution.

  • AEWIN Performant System for DDoS Protection

Here is the example that SCB-1947C has been applied as the system of DDoS protection. Illustrated in image1, there are two OT020 and two DPU cards installed. AEWIN performant platform, SCB-1947C, is powered by AMD’s latest AMD Zen4c EPYC 8004 Series processor codenamed Siena. Its features have been broken down as below which is correspond to the ones mentioned in the previous paragraph.

  • High Bandwidth
    High throughput is available with the installation of multiple network interface cards. SCB-1947C provides multiple PCIe Gen5 slots to support up to 200G per PCIe slots. Further details can be found in our previous tech blog regarding enabling high throughput with PCIe Gen 5 NICs. In the example here, two OT020 are applied to enable over 240G throughput and further features of encryption and decryption.
  • Excellent Computing Power
    Benefited by the 5nm production technology of the latest AMD Siena CPU, the SCB-1947C is with extraordinary power efficiency and outstanding computing power. It can not only enable real-time processing, but also save energy with reduced cost.
  • Great Scalability
    With rich I/O of 96x PCIe Gen5 lanes of AMD SP6 EPCY CPU, AEWIN designs SCB-1947 series with great flexibility and expandability. It has up to 8 PCIe Gen5 network expansion bays ready for diverse AEWIN NICs. Furthermore, it provides the flexibility to change the 2x PCIe x8 slots to 1x PCIe x16 slot with standard PCIe form factor for off-the-shelf add-on card to realize higher throughput or further acceleration.
  • Reliability
    The SCB-1947C supports OT006B module for AEWIN Trusted Secure Boot (TSB V2 module) to deliver the first line of firmware security defense during boot-up process. TPM 2.0 module is also supported to allow authentication of hardware devices to ensure the integrity of the hardware platform.The DPU cards installed accelerates packet processing and improve the efficiency of handling large volumes of traffic by offloading the CPU for further critical tasks. The AEWIN self-designed crypto acceleration cards, OT020, with mixed configurations of 1x 100G QSF28, 2x 10G SFP+, and 2x 1G RJ45 features the support of symmetric encryption (AES, DES, 3DES, …), authentication (HMAC, AES-XCBC, …), asymmetric cryptography (RSA), and more to boost encryption and compression performance.

AEWIN provides the best hardware solution for cybersecurity with its performant system and self-design crypto acceleration cards featuring high throughput, excellent computing power, enhanced cryptographic performance, and outstanding scalability which are the key elements that DDoS protection is required.