Smart City

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Edge computing for AI have many fields of applications, it includes Smart City, Smart Office, Smart Healthcare, Smart Retail, we will introduce the usage and how AEWIN could cooperate with ISV to provide the edge AI solution in these fields.

The rapidly rising population in the cities and expansion of cities, requires improved information and communication technologies for economic growth, better quality of life.  Edge Computing for AI in Smart City is an important field that advances city life. Many factors can impact the urban areas. To make these urban areas better, city monitoring, traffic analysis, and the city planning are three important ingredients of a Smart City.

  • City Monitoring – It utilize facial recognition, real time monitoring and deep learning for analysis. It must safe, reliable, secure and run 24/7. Using the information provided by the AI, governments and police can develop predictive and preventative measures for the future.
  • Traffic management – Through deep learning-based image processing technologies and multi-object detection, the AI can count and classifying on road object, detect accidents, and abnormal activities to enhance the safety of city streets.

  • City planning – Through machine learning or deep learning to do the BIM (Building Information Modeling), CIM (City Information Modeling) design such as parking, buildings, roads, public spaces, it can offer city designer to provide better urban design options.

AEWIN systems are perfect hosts for Smart City solutions.
For less demanding application, we recommend the BIS-3101, power by Intel 9th Gen Core I CPU (Coffee Lake), is cost effective and can support dual width GPU.

Huge data processing and real-time monitoring requires low-latency high-bandwidth Intel Xeon or AMD EPYC CPUs with AEWIN network expansion modules, and powerful GPU to meet these requirements. The SCB-1932 and SCB-1937 are well suited for these applications.

AEWIN is specialized in Edge and network computing platform. Beyond providing hardware platforms, we can do the customize based on customer’s requirements to fine tune the firmware and BIOS. We also can build the software environment with CUDA or Open VINO toolkits to speed up customer development and deployment of innovative solutions.