AEWIN’s Intel Series Appliance

AEWIN Technologies provide smartly designed Intel based platforms for customers of any scale. With 20 years of experience building high performance network forwarding platforms, AEWIN has extensive knowledge in building secure and reliable network solution platforms. From network appliances to edge AI servers, to cloud computing servers, we are experienced with the full range of Intel® processors for wide range of applications. AEWIN has hardware solutions from the most powerful Xeon® SP to the efficient Atom® processors.

AEWIN systems can be part of the ingredients to empower your network transformation. A wealth of security options has evolved with the constantly changing landscape of cybersecurity threats. A network appliance acting as the basis to host a suite of security appliances is an attractive option to augment or replace legacy networking systems. NFVI is the next networking paradigm, and our system is the perfect candidate to host the next generation of virtualized network appliances. We are fully committed to Intel Select Solutions and offer pre-validated and performance optimized solutions covering a wide range of applications.

5G vRAN running on Edge systems can be integrated into the MEC ecosystem to allow for increased flexibility and scalability necessary to provide services at the edge for the wave of new 5G enabled devices that requires constant internet connection. This opens a whole new world of applications, as well as hardware requirements to match. Addition of FPGA and other application accelerators brings the power of the cloud to enhance the computation powers of edge servers. With the new wave of applications powered by artificial intelligence, AEWIN has application optimized SKUs for Edge AI performance. With enhanced thermal design to handle high-powered accelerators, these Edge AI focused servers are perfect for AI training and inferencing applications at the edge inside a MEC stack or inside a datacenter.